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Employee Assistance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Employee Assistance - Assignment ExampleHowever, fortunately, that has in all ameliorate dramatically.Once the company began promoting the EAPs and all the operate they had to offer, it resulted in a large number of people who were flying to look into the programs. I noticed in several cases of single p bents seeking aid in infant care issues. Overall, I would say, approximately, at least 20% eat already shown interest and are actively taking advantage of the services the EAPs offer. A recent survey showed a 33% decrease in employees coming in late or being absent due to issues that the EAPs helped them resolve it also revealed a decrease in overall company wellnesscare costs in relation to mental health issues.The only problems that I have heard involve employees concerns in regards to whether or not the counseling services are completely safe and confidential. However, the company is already working to alleviate the employees concerns on this issue. In truth, all of the profe ssionals involved with the EAPs are legitimate and licensed, when necessary, and follow all the same healthcare privacy and confidentiality laws that are followed in all U.S. medical professions. Therefore this issue will be easily remedied.I think that the EAPs that we have are already succeeding in overcoming its biggest challenge. Before, its greatest issue was not being properly promoted by the company itself. Once the employees became aware of what was available the programs were being sought after. Now the system operates just fine.Because the EAPs are part of the health insurance that is provided by the company to its employees, new hires must wait 3 months. This is a 90 day probationary period typical of all new employees. After that time inclose then all employees are legible to participate in the EAPs, as well as, their healthcare benefits.As of this year they offer, both, telephone and face-to-face interactions, depending on the time of day. Certain call centers, like su bstance

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Importing US food Risk Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Importing US food Risk - explore Paper ExampleIn 2008, there were some reported cases where cats and dogs were stricken by tainted front-runner food while people died from contaminations in certain drugs. In both incidents, the ingredients were found to have been import from China (In Curtis, 2013). In response to this, the Public Health Security through the Bioterrorism act directs the aliment and Drug Administration (FDA) to take additional measures to protect the public from wholly terrorist attacks on food generate and all other food related emergencies. FDA is the food regulatory agency of the department of Health and valet Services and has the mandate to receive introductory notification of food that is imported, including animal feed, in the United States. anterior notice of import shipments give chance to the FDA, through the support of the U.S Custom and Border Protection to centre on import inspections with much effectiveness and help protect the states food allow for against acts of terror and all other public health emergencies. The FDA food safety act was signed in 2011 with aims to ensure that the U.S food supply is safe by directing the focus of the federal regulations from taking swear out on contamination to prevent it (Kastner, 2011). The FDA signed a regulation that required all persons to submit prior notices of imported food. Close to fifty million people get sick while three grand piano die each year from food borne diseases. This is according to a data collected by the Centers for unsoundness Control and Prevention. This was mentioned as a public health burden which is largely preventable. The FDA Food Safety modernization Act enables the FDA to strengthen the systems of food safety by giving them forward-looking authorities and tools to build all new imported foods meet the same safety standards as those produced in the U.S. However, building a new system of food safety beside on prevention would take time. FDA focuses on implementing the safety acts with open lawsuit for all stakeholders to give their contribution. The FDA has therefore some laid down responsibilities and authorities which are aimed at improving food safety in the United States. The FDAs new import mandates and authorities include the pursuance (Hinkelman and Ebrary, 2004) Import accountability. During the first time, the importers have an explicit mandate to verify that their suppliers have sufficient preventive controls to make sure that the food they produce is safe. Third party authentication The FDA Food Safety Modernization (FSMA) initiates plan through which leash parties can verify that foreign food capacities comply with the U.S food safety standards. The certification is very significant in facilitating the portal of imports (Zaring et al., 2009). Cortication for high risk foods as a condition of entry into America, FDA can authorize that the high-risk imported foods be accompanied by a trustworthy third party certi fication or with an assurance of compliance. Voluntary qualified importer programme a voluntary program must be established for the importers. This would provide for the expedited entry and review of foods from importers. Entitlement is limited to importers who offer food from evidence facilities. Authority to deny entry foods from a foreign facility can be denied entry into the U.S by FDA. FDA has also a

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Polymorphic Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals Essay

Polymorphic Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals - Essay ExampleThe most commonly spy forces in crystals are the weak Van der waals forces. Consequently, the melting point of crystals is never very high (1, 2).Structures of many an(prenominal) substances, including crystals, vary with temperature. This ability of various substances to exist in more than one form is known as Polymorphism. Allotropy is a synonym for polymorphism and is usually used in the context of grammatical constituents. Dimorphism is the word silent for a substance that exists in two forms. Yet another definition exits for polymorphism. It also refers to the multiple crystals that ability form owing to improper solvents used during the exploit of crystallization.Structures of almost all substances consist of bonds, which can be intermolecular(a) or intramolecular. In these, occasionally, one finds that hydrogen (H) bound to a strongly charged element (X) acquires a positive charge owing to the bond polarizat ion by the charged element (represented as X- H+). Such a polarity charged hydrogen is available for interaction directly with the electronegative elements of adjacent molecules, and the resultant intermolecular bond is referred to as heat content Bond (1,2) represented as triplet dotsIt is this hydrogen bond that accounts for the unusually high boiling points of some liquids, viz., Water (H2O), Hydrogen fluoride (HF), etc. Hydrogen bond is also involved in dimer formation as in carboxylic acid, and is the bond liable for the stability observed in nucleic acids. When hydrogen bonding is present in crystals, it significantly affects the crystal molecular geometry (2). Thus, hydrogen bond profoundly influences the physical and chemical properties of various substances. Continuing the discussion on uniform lines, in a covalent bond, the electrons between atoms or groups with different electronegativities tend to be polarized towards the more electronegative constituent. In such si tuations, a fond(p) charge can be attributed to the constituents owing to the partial ionic nature of the bond. The ability of an atom in a molecule to attract electrons towards itself is termed electronegativity (EN). The ionic reputation of the bond can be used as a measure of the magnitude of this effect (the partial charge/EN). When the effect is small, the bond is referred to as a polar bond and treated using dipole instants (DM). Covalent bonds are expected to have a DM of zero, provided the electrons are shared equally by the two atoms (1, 2). In a way, DM is a quantitative measure of polarity, with Debye as units. If bond angles are known, DM is estimated by vector addition of individual bond moments. Possession of a dipole moment permits direct interaction with electric fields or with the electric component of radiation (1). With measurements comes mathematics. Whenever a process/object/concept is characterized in terms of mathematics, relatively simple manipulation of variables can be achieved essentially to determine how the process, object or concept behaves in different situations. Such an exercise is traditionally referred to

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What makes Shenzhen China a unique and interesting illustration of Assignment

What makes Shenzhen China a unique and interesting illustration of geographic processes - Assignment subject(Cartier, 2001)This urban center is one of the most unique and a great option for those who wish to migrate to a place which is an amalgamation of natural and artificial beauty. This city was initially considered as a fishing colony except with the passage of time things have evolved and it is considered as a modern city with great tourist attractions and facilities. The currency of Shenzhen is Renminbi which is known as Peoples currency and has a short form of RNB. essentially Shenzhen is considered to be coastal area which is situated Guangdong district which is in south east China, just costly to the boundary (border) between Hong Kong and China. (Zeng, 2010) Guangzhou is considered as the capital city of the Guangdong district which was commonly referred to as Canton for relatively long period of time. This region has rough forested mountainous region which acts like a emphasise for a fairly large coastal region. Shenzhen is apparently demarcated into six individual districts namely Nanshan, Yantian, Longgang, Luoho, Futian, and Baoan. It is approximated that three districts that bosom up for most of the major Shenzhen area are Futian, Nanshan and Luoho. These districts directly join with Hong Kong. The most important city of Shenzhen is Futian which is thought to be the city centre.Shenzhen is considered to be a subtropical region which has long summers that are very(prenominal) hot and humid. This climate approximately lasts from April to September. The temperature ranges from 30-35 degree Celsius in the months of June and July. This range is given for extreme summers when temperature tends to be very high for this period. This temperature is not fixed and it sometimes even goes higher than the range mentioned earlier. The temperature gets lower at nights but still it is fairly hot with temperature ranging from 25-30 degree Celsius. The s ummers are quite unpredictable during the monsoon when rains usually happen. Furthermore there is

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Migration Indian by Rita Joe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Migration Indian by Rita Joe - Essay ExampleThe poems and the novels authored by Brooks atomic number 18 characterized by conflict between different races, identity controversies, dignity and the search of meaning of various aspects of prowess and poetry. The Chicago defender helped in the promotion of the black performing and fine fraud. Additionally, these works of the Black were create and publicized. This included the works of some institutions, which participated in the inventions and innovations in art and aesthetics. The black citizens had the opportunity to showcase their art and visual arts in workshops established for the purpose of promoting art and poetry. Hine asserts that Brookss art features the olfactory modality of the Black Chicago city (37). There were many black visual artists. Scott specialized in the word picture of landscapes and impressive portraits of items and people.Scott besides painted murals, especially the Black murals, which showed the success o f the blacks in the past. White was another black who specialized in graphic arts. Additionally, Motley used his artistic works to feature jazz music. His artistry was also used in the sensitizing of the blacks of their relevancy in society despite the common false belief that they are primitive. According to Kent, Corton also boosts the Black Chicago Renaissance Movement to a great aggrandisement given that he showcased the beauty of African women in all his poetic themes (58). Music was another art, which was utilised by the Black to perpetuate the beauty of African women. This made jazz music to be of relevance to Chicago city.The black religious songs were also composed by Thomas Dorsey. Additionally, the urban music was majorly attributed by tambourines, drums and cymbals. Pianos were also employed in the urban music. Inez Cunningham Stark taught Brook many lessons pertaining to music. In fact, Brook earn his living orchestrating and composing her own original works. Her wo rk was inspired by great works of Brahms and Wagner. She also

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President Trump Against The World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

President scoop up Against The World - Essay ExamplePresident Trump claims that his decision to pull-out of the Paris Treaty will get ahead Americans, but as is his usual tactic, the president only mentions one area where the benefit will possess place, jobs-an important benefit of course. Economists are divided whether this will benefit American job, and if it does will, the jobs be short or long-term. The American industriousness sector that is mentioned most often in conjunction with the Paris Treaty is combust. small-arm on the campaign trail, Mr. Trump consistently insisted that he would withdraw from the Paris Treaty so that coal mines would reopen and coal miners could go back to work. If one agrees that it was the Paris Treaty that caused the decline of the coal industry in the United States, then they would count the pulling out from it as a win. However, the coal industry has been declining for years the Paris Treaty has only been in place for one year. The winners o n the jobs front will be those places where investments in research and development in renewable energy is occurring. President Trumps withdrawal from the treaty may seem like a victory for coal but it is not. The United States jobs grocery store loses in the withdrawal, although many individual states have economies that are highly invested in renewable energy, and they will persist in to work toward solutions and adaptation to global climate change. Those states economies will be winners while President Trump and his frugal allies will cling to the fossil fuels, until those resources have been depleted.

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LEAN Principles Implemntation in Practice Essay

LEAN Principles Implemntation in Practice - Essay ExampleOne of these methods is the flex system, which was developed in Japan by Toyota go company to help improve its efficiency. Integration of the lean principles in a companys operations is considered one of the potential approaches for improvement of organizational performance. The principles have been credited with ameliorate manufacturing effectiveness in a number of Japanese companies but Toyota is still unrivalled in its practise of Lean through its Toyota Production System (TPS). Many companies have learnt about Lean production principles some(prenominal) theoretically and practically from Toyota but many still face problems implementing Lean in their companies (Spear & Bowen, 1999).This paper explores the exercise of Lean implementation through all organization levels with the aim of improving performance. The paper starts by examining Lean principles and how they are applied in improvement of operations before discuss ing the implementation of the work at in a social organisation company. While discussing the implementation of the model in the company, challenges that may be faced in the process will be highlighted as well as the limitation of the Lean approach in the construction industry. The paper proposes a potential perspective of the Lean approach that can be considered by managers in the construction industry for sustainable performance of companies.The Lean model of operations management first originated with henry Ford when he developed a manufacturing concept that involved a continuous assembly bourn with workers playing specific roles in the process (Holweg, 2007). This was the first mass production approach in the automobile manufacture industry and it was aimed at improving efficiency as well as reducing become flat of workers by letting them work on simpler repetitive tasks which they could master and become proficient in.

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Final Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Final Project - Assignment ExampleSeveral criteria exist for optimizing organizational capital punishment, and these criteria are also important in organizational assessment. This paper will seek to identify and analyze the property gaps that exist in the University of California - San Diego medical checkup School through performance enhancement criteria, and then run low to discuss concepts of performance excellence, continuous prime(prenominal) improvement and total quality management and how they apply to UCSD Medical School. The role of the leadership in UCSD Medical School in fostering and sustaining organizational and clinical quality will also be studied.Organizational assessment allows businesses to de edgeine their current state in equipment casualty of quality and performance and as a result formulate policies and strategies for the way forward (Perkins, Verladi, Nightingale and Rifkin p. 1). The initial assessment is important in the identification of performance ga ps within an organization and hence an indicator of the areas that should make priority. After undertaking a transformational path, organizational assessment is important in appraisal of the progress make in the achievement of the desired performance. As opposed to traditional departmental or group performance assessment, organizational performance involves a study of the wide structural and functional aspects of an organization which enable much(prenominal) an organization to develop and implement policies that are sustainable in the achievement of both long term and short term goals. Organizational assessment is a holistic strategy for examining the strengths and weaknesses of the programs being implemented in an organization, and besides this internal perspective, it can also serve as a measure of an organizations performance against its competitors (Perkins et al. p. 2).The criteria utilized to enhance organizational performance are also the same ones used in organizational as sessment. For a health institution such as the UCSD

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Controversial legal issue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

polemical legal issue - Essay ExampleMajor religions of the world favor the continuance of life in practically most instances with a very few exceptions where the taking of life foundation be stillified. ghostlike laws argon quite absolute about the prohibition against taking a life, whether ones own life or that of another individual. In the eyes of God, anyone who takes life commits a grave mortal sin. However, great strides and advances in medical exam science and technology now allow the person to prolong life by artificial methods. This scientific achievement is unprecedented in the history of mankind. For the first time ever, Man can now shirk God because he has a power to extend a life whenever he wants to. Regrettably, present laws and statute has not kept up with these medical advances. The result is often confusing as on that point ar no rules to guide us by. In the same manner, ethics (in particular, biological ethics or bio-ethics) besides has not been able to deal with complex medical issues. Euthanasia or favor killing is just one bio-medical issue that has hounded healthcare professionals and legal practitioners alike. The questions regarding euthanasia are many and very convoluted there are no easy answers here. This paper re-visits and examines the issue of euthanasia from a legal perspective. Discussion in that location are many biological and medical issues that are not being resolved satisfactorily by the present state of our medical ethics today. Besides euthanasia, other examples that legal and medical experts alike escape with are abortion, surrogate motherhood, organ transplants, brain death and end-of-life care (palliative medicine). The basic questions facing all ethicists can be generalized into a few categories, much(prenominal) as how is life to be measured and determine (that life exists), who will judge whether a person should live or die, what constitutes proof of death and when should princely medical interfer ence be withheld from a patient? The ultimate question is who has the reform to live and the right to die? even dying can be considered as one of the more basic valet rights that is, the right to die with dignity intact. Euthanasia in plain and simple language, euthanasia means mercy killing. There are many situations in which euthanasia seems to be justified, such as when a person is suffering from an incurable and terminal disease and is very likely to suffer in great pain. Literally, the signification of euthanasia in Greek is a good and easy death to relieve pain and suffering. Even the British House of Lords had deemed it appropriate to give a precise definition for it this is a deliberate intervention to end a life with express intention to relieve intractable suffering. While people are still healthy, it is easy to be detached about all the debates on euthanasia but a time will come when a person has to face it and its consequences. The controversy surrounding euthanasi a has been make more complicated because of the earlier practice of eugenics which is medical science applied to improving the composition of genetics in a human population (Appel, 2004, p. 611). Eugenics fell into disrepute because it was employed by the Nazis in their intrust to attain a high level of purity of the Aryan races. There were several abuses committed such as forced sterilization, human experiments and the extermination of undesirable groups of people (compulsory or

Liberty and equality in French revolution Essay

Liberty and equality in French revolution - Essay manikinLiberty and equality in French revolutionThere lots of downfalls regarding the state of economy which had be corrected to averting the anger from the general population .Economic volatility indeed was the factor that preceded the revolution. Improper wont finances coupled with deficit made it knockout to provide for people who faced economic hard ships. Therefore the suffering of many small fry continued to reveal unfair weighty taxation that peasant have to bear. This resulted in more hardships because of the equalities between the rich and poor.Agricultural advance in agriculture in late 17th century and early 18th century couple with the birth of trade spurred the manufacturing sphere of influence that existed at the time to rapidly expand and increase production. Therefore agrarian revolution indirectly contributed to industrial revolution because agriculture provided the raw materials that were required by various man ufacturing and processing industries hence contributing to their process and expansion.Trade in Britain led to private banking as a result of the expansion. This also led to currency economy characterized by trading organizations. Credit facilities appeared such as the promissory notes, bourse, state bank and another(prenominal) exchange media. This stimulated the economy to grow and people had more money to spend on refreshed investments that later were turned to industries through growth.

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Hospitality Management With Tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

cordial reception Management With Tourism - Essay ExampleClient preferences and status withal play a significant role in fostering diversity within the hospitality industry, since products and services cannot be standardized. This paper provides cleverness into the UK hospitality industry by comparing two hospitality outlets, that is, a hotel and a restaurant, on the al-Qaida of diverse operational factors. Aim To examine the diverse operation factors implicated in provision of food, drinkable and accommodation in the UK hospitality industry. Background Development of the UK hospitality industry can primarily be attributed to the growth and advancement of other sparing sectors. For instance, the growth of manufacturing industries meant that individuals needed to leave cities for holidays. Advancement of the transportation sector, finished improvement of rail slipway, roads and air travel also means that there are easier, cheaper and faster ways for people to move from one po int to another nationally or internationally. Other than the diverse economic and transport industries, hospitality is also linked to travelling for leisure or tourism. This is because with increased per capita income, individuals have more disposable money and free time to travel for leisure. This has led to a significant rise in demand for accommodation, as well as, eating and drinking facilities. Hotels and restaurants are two of the most common hospitality outlets in the UK. The hotel sector is actually considered to be the largest in the UK and it comprised of a broad range of establishments. Hotels are categorize on the basis of their luxury, with the highest being five-star establishments, followed by lower class hotels, lodges or motels and finally, guest houses or fork over and breakfast (B&B) places. Most hotels do not only offer accommodation, but food and beverages as well. In contrast, restaurants specialize in provision of food and beverages to customers. Just like hotels, eating establishments or restaurants can also be classified into several categories, including takeaway joints, fast-food eateries, popular catering outlets like coffee shops, mainstream catering and picturesque dining restaurants (Seba 65-70). The hotel under scrutiny in this case is The Halcyon, located in Londons Holland viridity Avenue. The five-star hotel is compared to the Berners Tavern, a fine dining restaurant also Located in London, along Berners Street. Berners Tavern company Background Berners Tavern was launched on 12th September 2013. Just like other new restaurants the eatery has worn a lot of attention, especially because it was founded by Jason Atherton, a prominent chef behind other renowned restaurants in London. Berners Tavern was named after a hotel that was originally built on its site in the year 1908. The restaurant is located in Soho, a citydistrict of central London, which is currently famous for its nightclubs, restaurants and other delight est ablishments. This implies that the restaurant is strategically located since London residents, as well as, outsiders come to the place in see for fine dining, yet affordable eateries. Even though it has not been operational for a long fulfilment of time, Berners Tavern attracts a lot of clients and reservations are not easily secured. The restaurant is relatively big, capable of hold close to a hundred

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Does Every Child Matter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Does Every squirt Matter - Essay ExampleThe aim of this assignment is to draw attention to the background strategy and arrangement of the Every Child Matters programme. The paper will discuss how the programme has been working locally by store and comparing data from families of locals and the asylum seeker families in order to evaluate Does Every Child very Matter?This paper makes a conclusion that the study will make sure to carry aside every effort to evaluate the actual results of the study. It will prove the fact that for the best interests of the child, social service will need to adopt standard factors such as reasonable services provided in a timely and appropriate way for provision of services. It will demonstrate, how much social services have been roaring in providing a sound material family environment, and a moral and intellectual environment for the children living before long in poverty. Immigrant and refugee parents, who are unable to provide these conditions a s readily as other parents should be stipulation more directation, for example, many immigrant and refugee parents may have difficulty complying with social service agencies instructions because of their limited English others face financial instability because of their ambiguous legal posture, while more will be contend with employment, housing insecurity, and legal troubles common to immigrants and refugees. Every Child Matters do not consider the parents legal status as a determining factor and social services mostly do not consider these typical conditions as more difficult for immigrant and refugee parents to provide.

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Internet Literacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Internet Literacy - Essay casingThis may be a challenging task especially to those who be not so open-minded approximately technology and budges however it becomes a liberating possess also to those who come to a nurture experience that fulfill ones dreams. A friend has always been afraid to try the net solely needed to learn how to use it due to the demands from his work. Being in his forties, his fear was usually fed with the haggling like you cannot teach an old dog new tricks and was challenged considering he is not a dog, he well-read and discovered the net. The process was not easy for both the learner and teacher but it was a fulfilling blood line they both went through. The student struggled on remembering things about the computer and how to work on it while the teacher made every effort to make instructions simple and clear. Frustrations may have occurred as the education went but they were turned to joy for every discovery the learner made. Reading vast inform ation from the internet changed my friends perception not only on technology but almost about a lot of things. He says he had come to a deeper understanding of many things as he used the internet as a means for educating himself, reading not only the words but the lives of other people. Writing may not be the job he is paid to do nonetheless he considers he uses a lot from his internet literacy to enhance his information literacy to write the remaining chapters of his life. In considering the elements that this undivided and other individuals have learned from their experience with internet literacy, its clear there are a great many elements. One of the major elements is the influence that understanding social media has on individuals lives. While it is not difficult to join a social network, such as Facebook, there is a slight process in learning how to implement it for the greatest gains. As I became to a greater extent involved with Facebook I recognized that it offered me the opportunity to remain in contact with old friends and people that I otherwise would have lost touch with. This has the effect of enriching my life and giving me a greater position on the demesne. In other contexts, social media has allowed me to join communities of people with similar or specific interests. For instance, individuals fire in literature, cooking, or sports are able to join communities where they are able to discuss their interests. Such aspects of internet literacy are not merely significant in that they allow individuals new forms of communication, but indeed, they also change the very nature of social relations. In understanding social media, rather than having to venture for hours to visit conventions or lectures, one now has direct access to experts in many fields through Twitter. In learning how to implement these elements of internet literacy one can truly make profound life changes. Another extremely important element relating to internet literacy are the benefits it holds for education. I recognize that learning how to use the internet is a form of education itself. Still, within this journey one also recognizes that the internet holds the key to a world of skills and opportunities. One of the first instances I remember is spending time in Wikipedia researching history and a alteration of topics, the breadth of information and insight I gained from this experience was truly paradigm shattering. As I became to a greater extent experienced with internet literacy I recognized that in addition to Wikipedia one could read full-texts of books and find more(prenominal) substantial internet sources. In addition to improving my knowledge, it gave me a greater appreciation for the nature of donnish research. As I further expanded my understanding of internet liter

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2ND PAPER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

2ND PAPER - Essay ExampleChances that the super business leader would diminish in the adjacent decades are clearly high. The best positioned countries to challenge Americas blow are found in East Asia and globally by mainland China. (Abdelnour, Wesley & Herman pg57)It is believed that if Chinas scotch growth continues consistently the next two decades just in the same pace as the last two decades, then it would outdistance and rival the United States of America in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) .GDP is not mensural in terms of dollar but in terms of purchasing power parity. Even if Chinas economic status does not does not reach the Americas standards, it is notable that the growth has created a fundamental political intensity in the entire East Asia. The economic clout extends East Asia affecting both great powers and the growth countries due to enthusiasm for raw materials and competitive prices for low cost goods. China is resolute in raise the technological ladder, a clear indication that it might affect United States of America economically. Already China is regarded as the most dominant military powerhouse in the entire East Asia thereby fashioning significant strides creating excellence in the armed forces.The tense relationship between USA and Russia has been fuelled by Americans please in Crimea with regard to the sanctions that have been attached to Russia recently by President Barrack Obama of the United States. some(prenominal) banks have been blacklisted by the US government following the Russian infiltrations in Ukraine. Majority of Russian businessmen in the United States who have close links with Vladimir Putin have been expelled from the country. President Obama has also come with strategies to get over some parts of the Russian economy comprising both the oil and gas industries which form a circle of Russians export. (Abdelnour, Wesley & Herman pg29)According to President Barack Obama, the action would interfere with the

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The Greatest Show On Earth by Richard Dawkins Essay

The Greatest Show On Earth by Richard Dawkins - Essay grammatical caseDawkins makes the case that any form of life on this planet was created by way of non random born(p) selection, which in other words is understood as evolution (Ings, 2009). People who believe differently stupid their decisions on things that cannot be considered as evidence. Dawkins writes that natural selection has undergone different phases of rejection that were followed by acceptance. The author refers to intelligent physical body in terms of the ways in which every kind of life on Earth is created by some kind of natural selection, which is explained through reference to research on the evolution of bacteria carried emerge by Lenski. Dawkins has taken pains in claiming that intelligent design is a valid explanation for every aspect of nature, which is supported by the theory of evolution. It is in this context that he writes evolution is a fact. beyond reasonable doubt, beyond serious doubt, beyond san e, informed, intelligent doubt (Dawkins, 2009, p.12).The primary objective of the author is to put up evidence for people that the theory of evolution is as good as any scientific fact. He states on page 85 of the book that evolutionary scientists are in the position of detectives who come latterly to the scene of crime (Dawkins, 2009, p.85). In making this statement he means that it becomes difficult to prove the evolutionary process to those that deny or doubt history. He refers to evolution repeatedly in his book and wants readers to make how natural changes have been brought on the planet through microevolution and macroevolution. In explaining that science determines temporal sequence Dawkins has write that nature has clocks that ascertain the time taken for the effects of evolution to emerge. He means that evolutionary scientists have to make use of such wide range of clocks in terms of the processes gettable for dating

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The Benefits of Early Childhood Education Essay Example for Free

The Benefits of beforehand(predicate) Childhood Education EssayIntroduction primeval fryhood education is a term that is apply to commonly describe the carcassal instruction and care of young children by individuals or professionals other than their family or in settings outside the childs home. Based on the definition provided by the National acquaintance for the Education of Young Children, archaean childhood education spans the childs life from birth to the fester of eight.That being said, the general definition adopted by the majority of school districts end-to-end the world ordain typically employ a system of early childhood education starting from birth to when a child starts schoolwhich typically occurs at the age of five. The definitions regarding early childhood education are about arbitrary however, the majority of school jurisdictions throughout the world have defined the curriculum as victorious place between a childs birth until he or she reaches the age of 6.This boundary is regarded as one of the most critical in regards to a childs development, for the years, which constitute early childhood education, denote the most influential detail of growth and development. From zero to age 6 is the period of ampleest growth and development for a child at this stage, the brain develops most rapidly. During this period, a child depart begin walking, talking, developing a self-esteem and manufacturing a vision of the world. As a emergence of these innate developments, the child will build a moral foundation that is ultimately intertwined with the ability to get along rudimentary educational tasks.Social and Emotional Development Having your child attend the same preschool programme throughout his or her early years allows him or her to develop relationships with the swelleds and children in that environment, which provides a sense of security. A child who is comfortable with the stack in his or her life is more likely to particip ate in nurture opportunities and in advanced cooperative typify, much(prenominal) as role play with others, playing games with rules, and working with others to arrive at goals.Children who experience consistency in their early childhood education programme demonstrate less competitive behaviours, because of their ability to interact with others and use their language skills to resolve conflicts. For young children, the knowledge that teachers, other children, and occasional routines will be consistent over time fosters confidence and competency in social settings. These dimensions include well-trained teaching staff, a small number of children per classroom and an enduring intervention that begins early.Reviews of effective early education strategies answer that programs that combine early childhood education with services to support families can produce unrelenting domineering social benefits, and can result in decreased rates of antisocial and delinquent behavior (Yosh ikawa, 1995). cognitive Development Consistency in the preschool programme can significantly impact a childs cognitive development. High-quality early childhood development programmes that provide developmentally appropriate curricula, enable children to develop specific cognitive skills at the appropriate age.Developmentally appropriate curricula help children develop cognitive skills through a developmental continuum, nub the curricula builds on childrens existing skills and knowledge to help them acquire new skills and knowledge. In addition, curriculum programmes that incorporate developmental objectives ensure children follow a scope and sequence of age-appropriate developmental milestones throughout their time in the programme.Although explore suggests that income is clearly associated with the cognitive development and exploit of children during their preschool years, studies have likewise found that the poorest children benefit the most from a high quality early education program (Brooks-Gunn, 2003 Yoshikawa, 1995). Language Development Language development occurs at a rapid pace in children between the ages of one and five years old. Children who are bulletproof in their environment and with the people around them are more likely to engage in frequent, age-appropriate conversations.These daily interactions lead to more advanced language skills by promoting vocabulary development and conversational skills. Through activities such as daily group discussions, finger-plays, songs, and read-alouds, children develop the fundamental language skills they will continue to build on throughout their lifetimes. Researchers have posited that the proportion of kindergarteners who enter school without basic literacy and numeracy skills could be substantially higher in poor and minority communities than that of children from middle-class undercoats (Brooks-Gunn, 2003). Skill DevelopmentChildren play because it is fun. Play is also key to their discipline and de velopment. Playing, both structured and unstructured, lays the foundation for a childs development of future retarding and life skills. It helps children develop their knowledge, experience, wonderment and confidence, grow by trying things, comparing results, asking questions and meeting challenges develop the skills of language, thinking, planning, organizing and decision-making. Stimulation, play and being include in play with other children and adults are very important for children with disabilities or chronic illnesses, such as children with HIV.When parents and other caregivers talk and interact with children in their first language, it helps children develop the ability to think and express themselves. Children learn language quickly and easily through hearing and singing songs, having stories told or read to them, repeating rhymes and playing games. Girls and boys need the same opportunities for play and interaction with all family members, including siblings and grandpar ents, and in activities outside the home. Play and interaction with the render and the father help strengthen the bond between the child and both parents.Additionally, the positive effects of the intervention have persisted through age 40, more than 30 years after the program ended, in the form of lower rates of crimes committed and higher monthly earnings on average when compared to adults with the same background who did not participate in the program as children (Schweinhart, 2003). Behavior Developement By watching and imitating others, young children learn how to interact socially. They learn acceptable and unacceptable kinds of behaviour. The examples set by adults, older siblings and children are the most omnipotent influences shaping a childs behaviour and personality.One way children learn is by copying what others do. If men and women do not transact each other equally, the child will observe, learn and probably copy this behaviour. If adults shout, bear violently, exc lude or discriminate, children will learn this type of behaviour. If adults treat others with kindness, respect and patience, children will follow their example. If mothers and fathers treat each other with love and respect, this is what their children will learn and most likely replay in their adult relationships. Children like to pretend.This should be encouraged, as it develops their imagination and creativity. It also helps the child understand different ways people behave. Conclusion The benefits are evident in almost all the spheres of childrens lives. Learning through play ensures, they manage to incorporate communication skills and feel comfortable in expressing themselves. They become friendlier and slowly, they start gaining independence. Children feel a new found freedom and that helps them in the long run. Child development center is a great place to engage children in active instruction.Because of the caring nature of the teachers and caretakers, child feels at ease and little by little he stops missing his home. The nature of childhood instruction is usually one-to-one in preschools it proves slavish in easy identification of children for academic intervention. All in all, there are countless benefits of early childhood education and parents must ensure that their children are not deprived of this great source of learning. References Barnett, W. S. (1995). long effects of early childhood programs on cognitive and school outcomes. approaching of Children, 5(3), 25-50.Brooks-Gunn, J. (2003). Do you believe in magic? Social Policy Report, 17(1), 3- 16. Campbell, F. A. , Ramey, C. T. (1994). Effects of early intervention on intellectual and academic achievement A follow-up study of children from low-income families. Child Development, 65, 684-698. Consortium for Longitudinal Studies. (1983). As the twig is bent . . . lasting effects of preschool programs. Hillsdale, NJ Erlbaum. Duncan, G. J. , Magnuson, K. A. (2005). Can family socioeconomic re sources account for racial and ethnic test score gaps? forthcoming of Children, 15(1), 35-54.Karoly, L. A. , Rydell, C. P. , Hoube, J. , Everingham, S. S. , Kilburn, R. , Greenwood, P. W. (1998). Investing in Our Children What we know and dont know about the costs and benefits of early childhood interventions. Santa Monica, CA Rand. Magnuson, K. A. , Waldfogel, J. (2005). Early childhood care and education Effects on ethnic and racial gaps in school readiness. next of Children, 15(1), 169-196. Phillips, D. , Adams, G. (2001). Child care and our youngest children. Future of Children, 11(1), 35-52. Rouse, C. , Brooks-Gunn, J. , McLanahan, S. (2005).Introduction to school readiness Closing racial and ethnic gaps. Future of Children, 15, 5-13. Schweinhart, L. J. (2003, April). Benefits, Costs, and Explanation of the High/Scope Perry Preschool Program. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Tampa, FL. Wells, A. S. , Crain, R. L. ( 1997). Stepping over the color line African- American students in White suburban schools. New Haven, CT Yale University Press. Yoshikawa, H. (1995). Long-term effects of early childhood programs on social outcomes and delinquency. Future of Children, 5(3), 51-75.

Inferential Statistics Essay Example for Free

Inferential Statistics Es registerWith inferential statistics, you ar trying to reach final stages that extend beyond the spry data alone. For instance, we lend oneself inferential statistics to try to infer from the sample data what the population might ideate. Or, we use inferential statistics to make judgments of the probability that an observed difference betwixt groups is a dependable one or one that might have happened by chance in this study. Thus, we use inferential statistics to make inferences from our data to more general conditions we use descriptive statistics simply to describe whats going on in our data. Here, I concentrate on inferential statistics that are useful in data-based and quasi-experimental look into design or in program endpoint evaluation. Perhaps one of the simplest inferential test is used when you want to equivalence the clean performance of devil groups on a genius measure to await if there is a difference. You might want to know wh ether eighth-grade boys and girls differ in math test scores or whether a program group differs on the outcome measure from a maintain group. Whenever you wish to compare the average performance between twain groups you should consider the t-test for differences between groups.Most of the major inferential statistics come from a general family of statistical models known as the General Linear Model. This includes the t-test, epitome of Variance (ANOVA), Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA), fixation analysis, and many of the multivariate methods like factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, cluster analysis, discriminant function analysis, and so on. Given the importance of the General Linear Model, its a good idea for any serious social researcher to effect familiar with its workings. The discussion of the General Linear Model here is very elementary and only considers the simplest straight-line model. However, it exit get you familiar with the idea of the linear model and help prepare you for the more complex analyses describe below. One of the keys to understanding how groups are compared is embodied in the notion of the dummy variable. The name doesnt suggest that we are using variables that arent very smart or, even worse, that the analyst who uses them is a dummy Perhaps these variables would be bankrupt described as proxy variables. Essentially a dummy variable is one that uses discrete numbers, usually 0 and 1, to represent different groups in your study.Dummy variables are a simple idea that enable some pretty complicated amours tohappen. For instance, by including a simple dummy variable in an model, I can model dickens separate lines (one for each treatment group) with a single equation. To see how this works, apprehend out the discussion on dummy variables. One of the most important analyses in program outcome evaluations involves comparing the program and non-program group on the outcome variable or variables. How we do this depends on th e research design we use. research designs are divided into two major types of designs experimental and quasi-experimental. Because the analyses differ for each, they are presented separately. experimental Analysis. The simple two-group posttest-only randomized experiment is usually analyzed with the simple t-test or one-way ANOVA. The factorial experimental designs are usually analyzed with the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Model. Randomized Block Designs use a supernumerary form of ANOVA blocking model that uses dummy-coded variables to represent the blocks.The Analysis of Covariance Experimental Design uses, not surprisingly, the Analysis of Covariance statistical model. Quasi-Experimental Analysis. The quasi-experimental designs differ from the experimental ones in that they dont use random assignment to assign units (e.g., people) to program groups. The overleap of random assignment in these designs tends to complicate their analysis considerably. For practice, to analyze th e Nonequivalent Groups Design (NEGD) we have to sic the pretest scores for measurement error in what is often called a Reliability-Corrected Analysis of Covariance model. In the Regression-Discontinuity Design, we need to be especially concerned about curvilinearity and model misspecification.Consequently, we tend to use a conservative analysis progression that is based on polynomial regression that starts by overfitting the likely true function and then cut the model based on the results. The Regression Point Displacement Design has only a single treated unit. Nevertheless, the analysis of the RPD design is based directly on the traditional ANCOVA model. When youve investigated these various analytic models, youll see that they all come from the same family the General Linear Model. An understanding of that model will go a long way to introducing you to the intricacies of data analysis in applied and social research contexts.The T-TestThe t-test assesses whether the means of tw o groups are statisticallydifferent from each other. This analysis is appropriate whenever you want to compare the means of two groups, and especially appropriate as the analysis for the posttest-only two-group randomized experimental design.Figure 1. Idealized distributions for treated and comparing group posttest values. Figure 1 shows the distributions for the treated (blue) and control (green) groups in a study. Actually, the figure shows the idealized distribution the actual distribution would usually be depicted with a histogram or bar graph. The figure indicates where the control and treatment group means are located. The question the t-test addresses is whether the means are statistically different. What does it mean to say that the averages for two groups are statistically different? Consider the three situations shown in Figure 2. The first thing to notice about the three situations is that the difference between the means is the same in all three.But, you should exce ssively notice that the three situations dont look the same they tell very different stories. The top example shows a case with moderate discrepancy of scores within each group. The second situation shows the high disagreement case. the third shows the case with low variability. Clearly, we would conclude that the two groups appear most different or intelligible in the fall into place or low-variability case. Why? Because there is relatively little overlap between the two bulging curves. In the high variability case, the group difference appears least striking because the two bell-shaped distributions overlap so much.Figure 2. Three scenarios for differences between means. This leads us to a very important conclusion when we are looking at the differences between scores for two groups, we have to judge the difference between their means relative to the spread or variability of their scores. The t-test does just this. Statistical Analysis of the t-testThe formula for the t-test is a ratio. The top part of the ratio is just the difference between the two means or averages. The bottom part is a measure of the variability or dispersion of the scores. This formula is essentially another example of the signal-to-noise metaphor in research the difference between the means is the signal that, in this case, we think our program ortreatment introduced into the data the bottom part of the formula is a measure of variability that is essentially noise that may make it harder to see the group difference. Figure 3 shows the formula for the t-test and how the numerator and denominator are related to the distributions.

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Hannibal and the Carthaginian Empire Essay Example for Free

Hannibal and the Carthaginian Empire EssayHannibal was peachy and renowned Carthaginian general. He is remembered for his abundant strategic s pour follow throughs on the fight field and as a great military chief. Born in late 247 BC, was the sure-enough(a)est son of Hamilcar Barca. In 237 BC, Hamilcar excessivelyk his nine year old son, Hannibal, to the altar of a Carthaginian god and made him pledge eternal hatred to the popishs. Then Hannibal and his grow left for Spain. The headquarters of Carthaginian power in Spain was the city of New Carthage. Hannibal saw immediately his fathers techniques for struggle .When Hamilcar perished in the battle of 230 BC, his son-in-law, Hasdrubal, became the military leader plus the political leader and continued Carthages pressure in Spain. In 226 BC Hasdrubal signed an agree manpowert with the Romans. The agreement stated that neither army could cross the Ebro River in the northern Spain . When Hasdrubal was murdered in 221 BC, the Carthaginians collectively elected twenty-six-year-old Hannibal to be the leader in Carthaginian authorities and keep in lineant of the army in Spain. After Hamilcars death Hannibal became an excellent military leader.Under Hannibals take for the Carthaginians made large territorial advances (I-cias). He learned quickly how to be a leader and with the reassert of his brothers he was able to succeed through his battles. Hannibal was cut crosswise the the Alps and was able to receive rations for a duad days. On the third day he captured a Gallic town and provided the army from its stores with rations for two or three days (Alps). He wanted the best for his army, but had little support from Carthage. Despite the minute of men falling from the army due to natural disasters he managed to recruit others.Even if many flatten from his army during this march because of snowstorms, landslides, and attacks from hostile local tribes, he managed to recruit new personnel along the rou te. His dodging was to respond quickly to these natural disasters and it economic aided him. Hannibal earned his success by enduring hardships with his recruits and reinforcements. Hannibal experienced many challenges including battle delays little amount of military equipment and a small number of reinforcements from home. Other military leaders knew he would not be able to handle a delay due to the lack of preparation he took for each battle.He Fabius, Roman Military Leader believed that Hannibal lacked the equipment for a prolonged siege and that a delay in the battle would seriously reduce the Carthaginian food supply. Rome believed that delays would end in the subjugation of Hannibal because of the lack of necessities there was little he could do. Hannibal began to suffer during his career due to the lack of food. Zama was the moreover defeat. Hannibal suffered in his military career . After his defeat his enemies began to discover his weakness.Hannibal was running out of e verything during the Battle of Cannae and his help refused to aid him. Hannibal needed reinforcements, which the Carthaginian government refused to furnish, and he also lacked siege weapons . Hannibals restrictions could have disposed(p) him success, had he been willing to bargain with another force greater then his own. Hannibal was the instrument of his own undoing. Hannibal was mickle on being the conqueror and set on some one elses defeat, which lead him to his own. His enemy, Rome, was the centralize of his downfall.He would never settle and there was no satisfaction between them. In 218, he clashed with the Roman army. The Romans claimed that this was a break of an existing treaty between Rome and Carthage and demanded Hannibal surrendered to themthe Second Punic war started (I-cias). If Hannibal conquered Romans he would never be able to rule over. According to legend, Hamilcar had made the young Hannibal swear on a sacred altar that he would remain an enemy of Rome for l ife . Hannibal had made a announce to his father, therefore intending to go on with nothing.The loss of the second city of Italy cost Hannibal the allegiance of many of his Italian allies and put an end to his hopes of further replenishing his army from their ranks . Hannibal had lost it all. His hope had been limited at this point. Hannibal two succeeded and failed. He never won the hearts of the people therefore he was never able to sincerely yours be victorious. Hannibal married a Spanish princess and conquered the surrounding land and took hostages from the adjacent tribes to assure their loyalty to him without crossing the Ebro River, except for the city of Saguntum, an ally of Rome.When Saguntum began trouble between Carthage and Rome in 219 BC, Hannibal invaded the city. This began the Second Punic War . After hearing the declaration of war Hannibal immediately starts off towards Rome. The problem was he had to go by land since Rome controlled the seas. Hannibal began a lo ng and hazardous expedition across the Pyrenees and the Alps in revered of 218, with battle elephants walking at the front of his army . In the spring of 218 BC, Hannibal handed over command of the Spanish armies to his brother Hasdrubal.He then led his troops north toward the Pyrenees Mountains and began one of the most famous journeys in history . Hannibals army included Libyans and Numidians from North Africa, Iberians and Celtiberians from Spain, and Gauls from Spain, France, and Italy. There were thirty-five grand piano foot soldiers, dozen thousand horsemen, and fifty war elephants. Hannibal used the elephants to break infantry lines and to create fear and disorder. The elephants also terrified horses, so they were able to disrupt the enemys cavalry . In the Pyrenees, Hannibal encountered resistance from local tribes.He lost a lot of his men to fighting, and some of the mercenaries went home because they were scared of the long journey. With all this, Hannibal continued to move as quickly as possible, but bad luck fell into Hannibals lap as early snows and landslides kill many of his men and almost all of his war elephants . He enters Italy with only twenty-six thousand men and five or six war elephants in September 218. Hannibal and his troops spent the winter in Po Valley. In the spring of 217 BC When news of Hannibals army reached Rome, the Gauls of northern Italy revolted.They joined Hannibal in fighting the Romans. Now Hannibal had a sufficient army of infantry and cavalry. The Romans had plans to attack Carthage and New Carthage, but they had to be retard because of the rebelling tribes in Italy and the approach of Hannibal. So the Romans sent troops under the command of Publius Cornelius Scipio, to stop Hannibal at Massilia . Massilia is on the French coast where the Rhone River runs into the Mediterranean Sea. The Rhone is a wide river with a swift current, so it was a great obstacle to Hannibal.Scipios troops set up camp by the sea, thinkin g that Hannibal would reach Massilia in the undecomposed future. But he did not realize how fast Hannibal was moving his troops . When Scipio received news of Hannibal, it was too late. Hannibal had moved his entire army across the Rhone, fifty miles north of Massilia . Although Hannibals army had been reduced to twenty-six thousand infantry, nine thousand horses, and five or six elephants, it was a great accomplishment to get across the Rhone. To transport the elephants, the men built rafts .When the Alps came into view, Hannibal allowed his army a few days to rest, because he knew that his army had doubts about crossing the Alps. Never before had elephants crossed the Alps. The army did not reach the Alps until late in the year, and many troops and horses were killed. Some troops who came from warmer climates died from the cold. Some troops died of yearning because food was short to come by. Others died in fights with mountain tribes. Some of the mountain tribes rolled big stones down the mountains and caused men and animals to fall from the narrow mountain passage .

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Psychic Skills Exploration & Development Essay Example for Free

mentalal Skills geographic expedition phylogenesis EssayIntroductionWel fall to my costless E phonograph record Psychic Skills Exploration ontogeny. Through this rule moderate I ascertain out be combining the courses I taught origin onlyy. The first grapheme of the book is the truly basics, the absolute beginnings of learning to understand the other senses, learning to convey and meet with your mettle Guides and to a massiveer extent. The atomic number 42 part is the content from my more advanced course. It includes a lot of development exercises, things to explore, and more. Although I am not t from each whizzing classes in a structured online forum allmore you may homogeneous to join the bring out handleion free radical that I moderate cal guide Psychic Living (formerly Acheiving Psychic Aw areness). In this group we cont break mental ability and more from a Spiritual perspective thatwelcomes and honors all paths as sacred. We in like manner pret break topic specific and general chats and defend other files of pursual and so onYou so-and-so access the group at http//groups.yahoo.com/ group/psychicalalliving and smell out free to strike up a conversation with like given(p) folks, employ the group features etc. I am also including a list of FAQs. These small chapters entrust be at the end of the book and exit c over questions that umteen students meet asked. You may generate or so of your questions pass on been answered previously. If not feel free to email me, and as metre allows I exit be happy to answer nigh of your questions. I may even include the answers (anonymously of course) to this book or to the web target. Thither is also a resource chapter at the end of the book with links to corking net dress sites, other learning resources etc.Keeping with the feel of the original courses I deal soothe include the class projects, assignments, and exercises. Although there are no grades and you dont collaps e to turn them in, enjoy do them for your stimulate increment and benefit. You result learn a lot in the process guaranteed. It is highly recommended that you follow the first part of this book in order, it goes through with(predicate) the first class and and then as you move on to the more advanced stuff you can jump around to whatever inte peace of headways you.The Beginning Psy member is what the rest of the book builds from, so even if you are more hotshot please figure through it first. Also, please receipt that there are no experts in this arena, and that we all grow and learn in our own ways. invade what resonates with you from this course, and leave behind what doesnt. Feel free to grow and explore in the forum, or to section this book with everyone you feel may enjoy it. You may even offer it as a free Ebook on your site so long as you take for to the following Terms This book may be distri buted FREELY, without Charge, not as a bonus for paying for something else, but FREELY.file///C/ care%20Stuff/ tarot card%20Site/psychicskillsclass/courseintro.html (1 of 2)3/7/2004 85439 AMIntroduction to Psychic Skills DevelopmentIt must preserve UNALTERED, do not edit things out, do not con cause it as your own work. This book may not be reproduced in any other form without express written permission from the author. It may not be excerpted etc. It must bedistributed in its entirety. If you agree to those very simple cost I encourage you to share this book with others ). Should this book be a jock to you, and you find you conduct learned a lot from it, please consider making a small donation. To date I have received one donation, although hundreds have used this content. I use the covers to hold open my site up and running and to continue to develop/ advocate cracking free content for the seeker. Your gifts are great Karma and greatly appreciated as they allow me to continue to offer great services and information, I give thanks you Clic k the button below to be taken to a secure server where you can present any amount every penny helps.Return to T able-bodied of Contentsfile///C/ wrinkle%20Stuff/tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/courseintro.html (2 of 2)3/7/2004 85439 AMDeveloping Psychic Abilities Things to ConsiderThis Free Ebook brought to you by SpiritualGuidanceTarot.comImportant Things to Consider Before Persuing This PathI would like to take this time to discuss a few issues that I feel are cardinal to consider. Developing psychic abilities is not the akin as pursuing spiritual suppuration. One does not have to be enlightened at all to use these abilities, this being said it is always important to be cautious about whom you trust, and first and world-class you should learn to trust yourself. Although I do approach psychic ability from a Spiritual perspective, psychic senses are only one aspect of spirituality. Many large number get sidetracked on growth these abilities and draw a blank to explore othe r areas of spiritual growth. This is a mistake, and that is why I am writing this in sorry bold print on the front of this book. I encourage all of you to further explore and locomote your path, the truth allow for set you free, but each persons path to the truth is queerly different. Dont expect underdeveloped your psychic skills to enlighten you or make your life easy. Psychic skills alone do not keep the keys to magic power or happiness etc.Happiness is not a quest it isa choice, and work with Spirit is wonderful, but you have to walk your own path. We are all on our face-to-face path to the truth, and many are the paths that lead to it. thither are no simple solutions so dont have unrealistic expectations in this area. Psychic abilities can enhance your lodge to the Holy Spirit, to your own inner Spirit and help you to be more receptive to assistance from the Angels, Ascended masters, guides etc., but that brings me to my next important point. Dont give forth your perso nal power I was very surprised when I was teaching these classes online, by the number of people who incorrectly answered a question from the first course. The question said True or False hard liquor always have our best interest at unwrapt and know more than we do so we should always listen to their direction. False is the correct answer, approximately answered true.I would like to state that it is always important that what you receive feel right to you. Often our ego will come apart us what we want to con and mask itself as spiritual guidance. there is a part of each of us that wants to be in crack, when we branch out into these areas, our ego feels challenged, this can lead us to color some of the advice we receive. One of the virtually strong parts of the process is learning to be objective when dealing with yourself. This requires a willingness to be extremely honest, facing parts of yourself you may not want to accept right away. Also, as on earth, sometimes you wil l encounter many different personalities, not all have your best interest at larnt.To be sure you are receiving good advice remember the following Spirit will never tell you what you have to do, they may show you different options, nudge you in a certain direction, but they will never demand you to do anything. If you spirit guide is a drill sergeant, chances are you are communication with your own sub sensible or ego, and not Spirit Spirit Guides, Angels, and the Masters are here to yield and lend guidance and teaching, they are not going to solve your problems or walk your path for you. Dont have unrealistic expectations, you are file///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/thingstoconsider.html (1 of 3)3/7/2004 85439 AMDeveloping Psychic Abilities Things to Considerhere to learn, and they are your mentors, not your mommies. I know many whoget angry that their guides dont tell them what they want to hear, or tell them what they should do. A teacher who has your bes t interest at heart adn wants to love you and watch you grow is not going to give you the answers. You are here to learn, and it would be a disservice to you if you were not encouraged to stretch and grow for yourself. Truth is, there is no growth without effort and growing pains. You get the idea ). If in doubt ASK. A true withstander spirit doesnt care if you ask him/her to identify him/herself, or if you need a little assurance. If you get proscribe feedback from asking for validation chances are you are not talking to an enlightened being and/or you are talking to your subconscious again. Fear and old programming do funny things to the human psyche, and as you work through these chances are you may face some demons from your own subconscious. These are some often your own fears made manifest.Knowing what this is can help you work through these things more comfortably. There is a truism that says You are what you fear I dont remember the origin offhand, but it does hold great truths. Spirit will always talk to you with respect, which doesnt mean that they dont tell you how it is, or sometimes share things that youd rather not hear. There is a degree of integrity like no other, and they expect that respect and integrity to be reciprocated, so approach this with an open heart and mind, gratitude and respect folks) use discernment, and know that you are in control of your own destiny. I recommend getting in touch with your soul first, work through any fears or misgivings you may have, we touched on this a bit previously, but many people have a well-favoured sense of disconnection from God/ Creator and this needs to be bridged to be the most successful. Cultivate a habit of expressing gratitude and compassion.These two emotions come from purity of spirit and not from ego, remembering to be thankful and compassionate brings humility, and shows your sincerity. This is where our true power lies, in our spirit, not our minds ). Again, lets review. Psychic abil ities and the extra senses are present in all beings. Some choose to develop them from a place of ego, to impress people, or to drive to control others. Unfortunately, as with any other skill it can be used for noble intentions, and for purposes not so noble. I choose to persue psychic skills from a spiritual perspective, where they become a tool on the individualistics spiritual path to God and to Self-Realization.I know some import to me and say I dont cogitate in God you shouldnt teach that God is necessary. Well Im sure for these people that is correct, but for my experience, a connection to God is necessary because that is who I am. I swear God to be the inherint intelligence and source of zipper present inwardly and beyond all beings. I believe we all are connected through the same source ie God. My beliefs however arent important, they arent the only ones, and anyone with any belief system can use this course. I wont modify it however ), so you will get bits and pieces of my own philosophy throughout. I can only share my perspective. If it offends, then this course may not be for you. As with anything in life, take what works for you and leave behind what does not.file///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/thingstoconsider.html (2 of 3)3/7/2004 85439 AMDeveloping Psychic Abilities Things to ConsiderI do these abilities to have great healing capacity, and to be empowering. That being said developing psychic skills is not synonymous with spiritual growth spiritual growth is a life long process embarked on by each individual soul. Some people mistakingly believe that developing psychically will make them more enlightened or spiritual and therefor make life easy. Those who believe this are often in for a big disappointment. It is also important to say here that it is important not to become distracted by psychic abilities again it is only one aspect of development. They are a tool, not the be all and end all. If you get hung up on it you stop growing and then the abilities that were intended to be for your highest good end up sabotaging you. You should be willing to continue to persue growth in all areas. Love and blessings, and enjoy exploring the rest of the book Return to Contentsfile///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/thingstoconsider.html (3 of 3)3/7/2004 85439 AMDownload Free eBook Psychic Skills DevelopmentFree e-Book Psychic Skills Exploration DevelopmentThis book combines much of the information that was contained in my psychic development classes. I dont teach classes formally any longer, so I decided to make the information available for free. This book provides a comprehensive escort at psychic abilities, what they are, how they work, and how to develop them through a variety of activities and exercises.Main MenuAs this is some other free resource I am providing I ask that all of you respect a few rules. satisfy downward(a)load only one copy to save on Bandwidth. The more cop ies downloaded the more I have to pay in server fees. If you dont want a copy on your PC, you can also view all of the content online as well HERE Please feel free to share it with others, but Please do NOT alter the content, sell the book, or use it as an motivator to get other people to buy your products/services etc. Other than that, Im pretty flexible ). So, if you agree to these simple terms you can begin your download below. This file is an executable file .exe format. Download it to your estimator and save it on your own harddrive. keep track of what folder you save it to, then click it and it runs itself. *Please note I am revamping this file to minimal brain dysfunction more material to it and to fix a orthodontic braces of bugs, this file will be placed again for download ASAP. In the meantime enjoy variant the material on the site.This Free Ebook brought to you by www.MysticalTreasures.net Below is one of several articles I have written. If you would like to read mor e of my writing visit my public portfolio for a range of different self-improvement/psychic related articlesPsychic Phenomenon Gifts, Powers, or Abilities?In my work as a psychic who seeks to mentor those developing their own skills, I find it important to discuss this subject. I refer to psychic abilities as honorable what they are skills or abilities. The other terms, gifts and powers, I find to be damaging as they infer that this is unattainable by others, or that psychic senses are much more supernatural than they actually are. Often I hear others speak of their developing abilities as gifts, as though they were so special that God gave them this unique and special ability and not others. Unfortunately, many famous psychics also do this, insinuate that some great mystical super- privy(p) society power has been bestowed on them. This is harmful to those who would love to develop psychically but feel that they arent enough somehow, or havent been chosen. Are psychic abilities g ifts? Indeed they are. Those of us who have developed them recognize that we are blessed, but I also recognize that every breath I take on this planet is also a gift.I also know that we all breathe. Therefor oxygen, while still a beautiful, precious gift that should not be taken for granted, is something that we can all partake in. Psychic ability is no different. Just as everyone can pick up apencil and write with it, everyone can also learn to develop the intuition to some degree. Not everyone will become a pulitzer prize winning novelist, or famous poet, but that doesnt stop all of the rest of us from writing, so why should it stop beginners in Metaphysical studies from even trying? It is amazing to me the number of people who come to me and say I dont think I am gifted or Can you tell me if I have gifts?.My answer Are you standing here, breathing, having a life experience right now? then yes you are gifted. The key is not waying on lack or what one doesnt have, but appreciating what is. What we believe tends to become self-fulfilling prophecy. Psychic abilities are not elusive foreign phenomenon that only the chosen few can bring forward, they are an innate set of senses, hidden deep within the psyche and soul of each being that must be allowed to come forward.Many people dont agree with this, they believe that because they want psychic abilities that they must already be allowing it and it merely isnt coming. This is very untrue. Developing these skills means ad well(p)ing to a different veracity that what is presently understood and accepted both by society and the individual. The body/mind have a natural resistance to this in place as a protective mechanism. In order to vex our fullest potential psychically, we have to work at peeling away the barriers. It can take considerable time and effort to allow these abilities to manifest to their fullest potential, and as with anything worth(predicate) having they require sincerity, persistence, and dedica tion.file///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/psyskills.html (1 of 2)3/7/2004 85501 AMUntitledWe live in a society that pushes heavily the instant gratification syndrome, and this tends to cause many developing psychics to throw in the towel much to soon. When we add the stigma of being gifted to it, many dont even try at all. They are falsely led to believe that these abilities just manifest in others who have been fortunate enough to have them bestowed upon them by Creator. news program Flash, God/ Creator loves all of creation, so why then would He/She/It only give gifts to some of the Earths children and notto all? Thats not unconditional love, but it is a human condition ). Every one of you reading this also has psychic ability, and yes it is a gift, but so is everything else. Another word I hear misused a lot is powers. Psychic ability does not give us power over anyone, and those psychics who believe it does usually find their careers short-lived, or find t hat Karma catches up eventually. Any genuine psychic is subdue enough to tell people that they too can do what he/she is doing.A good psychics oddment is to empower others not to wield some false sense of power over them. When I hear psychics and/or aspirants refer to their powers it is one of my biggest pet peeves. That word implies not only that it is a super secret society elite thing again, but also propogates fear and contributes to the already abounding social ignorance skirt psychic phenomenon. Those who do this to puff up their own egos by portending they have super-hero like powers make it difficult for genuine psychics to get established and the outlook for ever being taken seriously in our welkin becomes even more grim. I have the upmost respect for psychics and healers as well, who seek to empower others by demystifying this process.John Edward is one prime example of a mainstream psychic who has done a lot of work in this area. Thanks to his work, more people are s eeing this as something that is not just a power for the chosen ones, but something anyone with the dedication to do so can develop. I hope that as more of us establish our careers we will also take the high road and continue to promote more personal empowerment and less hocus-pocus. Knowledge is the true power. ******** Christin Snyder is an author, psychic, mentor, and pesonal success coach. She works on demystifying psychic phenomenon and helping others to expand their consciousness. Visit her website to twenty-four hour period for free guided ventures, spiritual guidance tarot readings, free psychic skills development courses and more http//www.spiritualguidancetarot.com Return to Table of Contentsfile///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/psyskills.html (2 of 2)3/7/2004 85501 AMUntitledThis Free Ebook brought to you by www.MysticalTreasures.net Formatting Journals to help you through this book and the course contentsFormatting your Main JournalFor your main clas s journal, I recommend buying a binder with loose-leaf paper and divider tabs. This allows you to move things around, and easily keep things separate into organized sections. You can add and remove material also. You will want a journal section for each part of the course. Exercises should be recorded in your journals. Also post to it daily if you are able about any insights you receive etc. You will enjoy referring back to this later on. Spend some time on your journal.It doesnt have to be expensive, but spend some time making it and personalizing it. muddle it special and all your own. As time goes on through the course you will get very attached to your journal and it will hold reviews of all of yoru progress. I can tell you that honestly through this process I often neglected my journal, thinking I wouldnt block certain experiences etc.. and I real regretted later on that I didnt write things down as I worked on them. That practice would have saved me a lot of repetition and heartache, so please be persistent in retentiveness yoru preogress recorded. You will be glad you did.Formatting your Dream JournalsDream journals are personal and all your own. I suggest having two sections, one where you record dreams, and another where you list your common symbols, recurring themes, anything extraordinary that occurs, etc. This will be your own window into your soul, and developing your own personal dream dictionary of sorts is far-off more effective than using a standard dream dictionary. Although some meanings are somewhat universal, that isnt ineluctably true. I suggest a small journal that can be kept easily and unobtrusively by your bedside. This will ensure easy access enabling you to record more of your dream experiences. If you find that writing dreams down doesnt work for you and you are able, buy a small tape recorder and keep that by your bed. When you wake you can record a message for yourself. This may also help those of you who forget very quick ly upon waking. Return to Table of Contents file///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/journals.html (1 of 2)3/7/2004 85501 AMUntitledfile///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/journals.html (2 of 2)3/7/2004 85501 AMPsychic Skills Exploration DevelopmentThis Free Ebook brought to you by MysticalTreasures.netBeginning Psychic Skills Development Lesson I Learning to Still the Mind This is the first step in learning basic meditation methods and in preparing yourself to receive the baneful messages of Spirit communication. Our first lesson delves into learning to relax our conscious mind. Often this is the most difficult part of the whole process, learning to still our thoughts and come to an inner sense of calm quiet. regain this is a new habit you are developing and plan on sticking with it without immediate gratification. more(prenominal) than learning to absolutely silence the mind, it is more of a process of learning to take control of your mind/ thoughts. Knowing where they go and why, and how to bring them back to center and quiet them as much as possible. You will want to work with this lesson first, until you are fairly comfortable with it before acting to move forward. This is important so that you proceed step by step and not sabotage yourself by trying to do everything at once. veritable(a) if you are an all or nothing type, please do this step by step, taking as much time between lessons as you need. Youll be happier with the results if you do. It is important to learn how to control and be conscious of our thoughts and emotions to be effective as a psychic and/or to be successful in get together our guides. By being able to control our repartee to outside stimulus, we are better able to telephone circuit in to the more subtle frequencies involved in using the extra senses and/or communicating with spirit. There are a few things to remember 1) Dont struggle trying to force your mind to be silent, in the struggle itself you create more thoughts and sabotage the process.You should not latch on to thoughts either, let them float by you, acknowledging your willingness to difference them. 2) If you dont succeed at first dont give up. It takes time todevelop a new habit. Dont be hard on yourself if you just dont get it the first few times. .. anything worth doing is worth the effort, and trust me this is worth the effort. the benefits are not just in developing psychically, the benefits of meditation are numerous and include change magnitude energy, clearer thought process, improved health on many levels. 3) Remember to find a time where you will not be interupted and a place as free from outside interference as possible. No music, TV, etc.There are times when you can use soothing music, but for the purpose of psychic development it is best to have a very quiet environment. It makes it easier to pick up on subtle energies around you. As you stimulate, you may wish to select a specific time o f day, each day or as many days a week as you can. You will want to start off with a 5 minute time frame which you can increase as you progress. By choosing a specific time of day you are developing a habit, conditioning a response pattern and preparing your body and mind for the process of Meditation. file///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/lessonI.html (1 of 3)3/7/2004 85501 AMPsychic Skills Exploration DevelopmentOnce you have become more adept at relaxation and meditaiton you can remove the scheduled time and increase your meditation time, but for our purposes here, 5 minutes per day at around the same time if possible. Use this time to just deep relax and become aware of yourself, the environment you are in, etc. etc. Total awareness of course expands the consciousness. Remove yourself from as much outside interference as possible.. if earplugs or covering the eyes helps you please consider adding them to your routine. Learning to Relax the Mind Once you ar e ready to begin, stretch out and release any tensions you may be feeling in the body. You will want to do this exercise seance and not laying down as we dont want to indicate to the body that it is time to sleep, just scarcely relax. Sit in a comfortable but firm chair, not one that you slump down into.. you want to sit up straight with your back against the back of the chair, feet flat on the floor, and arms either rested gently on the arms of the chair, or down to your sides. You should be in an attentive but relaxed position.Once you aresituated take a deep breath in through the nose and breath out through the mouth making the exhale longer than the inhale. As you exhale focus on pushing out any negative emotions, stress, etc that you may have built up within you. Do 3 -5 breaths, whatever it takes to help you start to feel the body relax. Each breath should have you relaxing even further. Once you have done this just sit with your eyes closed. Try to just focus on the stillne ss. If thoughts seem to keep coming dont struggle against them trying to push them down just allow them to come and go gently. Remove yourself from your thoughts and watch them float by. You Don t want to attempt to catch them and analyze them, and you dont want to struggle against them they just are, you just are.You can also do a visualization. Imagine yourself sitting in a quiet theater, there is a screen in front of you. On the screen appears anything that you need to know, that your higher self wishes you to know. Dont try to analyze the symbols, colors, or other messages, let them float on the screen. Here there is no time limits , pressures, or outside influences, this is just you in the fullness of the present secondment without regard to past or future. Enjoy being in this moment a while longer and then gradually bring yourself back with a cleansing breath. seize this exercise until you have come to a place where you are comfortable in redirecting random thoughts for a min ute or more before moving on. This most likely will not fade right away, so please dont get discouraged. Continue to practice this daily as you can. As you get into this more you will find the time you spend may naturally increase just because of the abridge pleasure of taking a break from our busyness. Thats great and even if you dont get this right file///C/Business%20Stuff/Tarot%20Site/psychicskillsclass/lessonI.html (2 of 3)3/7/2004 85501 AM

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Parenting Skills Essay Example for Free

Parenting Skills EssayWhat financial needs are rears make to provide and which are optional? The financial needs that parents are obligated to provide include nutritive food, shelter, clothing, and health care. The ones that are optional are luxury items such as summer classes, piano lessons, or various electronic items. 3. What other needs might a kidskin have that a parent is expected to provide? Parents are also required to provide safety and security for their child. 4. What are the qualities of a nurturing parent?Qualities of a nurturing parent include retaining a healthy self-esteem so that their child has a basis for self-esteem, a sense of empathy for their child, a way to successfully enforce disciplinary codes, and an understanding of unexceptionable maturity levels for their child. Critical Thinking Questions 1. What qualities make a person a good parent? A bad parent? The qualities that make a good parent are listening skills, understanding of maturity levels, reasonable mind, and a good education and career.Qualities that make a bad parent include a bad temper or short temper, low education, and ideas of achieving their own goals above their childs. 2. Which parental responsibilities do you guess would be the near challenging? Why? The parental responsibilities that I think would be the near challenging would be having a job that is good enough to afford a child. This is because it is hard to economise a good job while having a child and still be there for the child emotionally and physically while bringing in a decent paycheck. 3. Which parental responsibilities do you think would be the most interesting to you?Why? The parental responsibilities that I think will be the most interesting to me the education of life skills. It is interesting to think that a child picks up on habits so easily and they can use those skills for the rest of their life. 4. What are some things that people can do to fig out for parenthood? Some things peop le can do to prepare for parenthood is further their education and swallow a career. Also, they need to make sure both parties in the relationship want a child. However, no one is ever truly prepared for a child.

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Introduction to Computer Application and Systems Essay Example for Free

Introduction to Computer Application and Systems EssayThe first week required us to fulfill a team and establish the team charter we also discussed the benefits of development systems in the work environment, such(prenominal) as the computers and internet access. Almost every major company has computers and Internet access now, the company can non natural spring smoothly without these basic study technology systems, if the company wants to be successful, it has to connect to the rest of the world and Internet is the best way for the company to do so. But there are also some grownup sides about the advanced information technology systems, websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace require throng put their personal information on the website, even some people are smart enough not putting their tangible name or address on the website, but majority of the computer users just do not have the awareness, they put their real personal information on those websites and once the infor mation is there, it can never be erased.See more how to start an essay about yourself for collegeWe also talked about the history of the information systems in week unrivaled, such like Roads are the first information flow of the past world and other things like Birds, Stone, Paper all indicated the beginning of the information systems.Microsoft Office Word is one of the most useful tools designed by Microsoft, the impact it has had on writing is phenomenal, the Microsoft Office Word political platform is used by perhaps 95 percent of all writers currently extant, and it also changed the way people write, people do not have to worry about a misspelling or garbled on word counts, because the Word tools can help them with all these problems. It is rare to see people assuage writing an essay or a business report on a piece of topic now this just shows the information technology systems made peoples life so very much easier and how important they relate to the society.

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Julius Caesar 10th Grade Essay Essay Example for Free

Julius Caesar 10th Grade Essay Essay qualification makes right, a hover quote signifying agent, strength and ability, a vast amount of occasion which may certainly lead to virtuosos persist or inauspicious their own destruction. Is it possible that those with the almost military force al styluss live a taking life, and those who dont let a grueling idea of what they are adapted of live at heart a lie, residing under the casted shadows of those who were capable of exercising it to its full potential.The quote give the sack be easily traced fend for to Plato, and Jean-Jacques Rousseaus The Social Contract although hundreds of historians have found proof that leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and the Nazi Party had been greatly captivated by the idea of Might makes right. The simplistic three-word quote has a peculiar guidance of existing in spite of appearance everyones life without one actually understanding how or why. For example, a squirt asks his stupefy Dad how come the country with the biggest army ever so tells the other what to do? The explanation his father gives is simply Might makes right.Although the child is young he understands that the country with the larger army is fully capable of dominating the lives of the smaller one, therefore making it the pukka force. Ideas behind Might makes right vary depending on ones logic, punitive debate whether Might makes right flock still be found throughout the dry land to the present day. The underlying questions are, does efficiency really make right, can exercising your rights be the only way of receiving what you desire, and does your might somehow create leadership. Therefore throughout this essay you pull up stakes be the one who answers my questions. in spite of appearance The Tragedy of Julius Caesar one can easily find a variation of examples pertaining to the ideology behind might makes right, Julius Caesars assassination, Antonys promise to avenge Ca esars death and Octaviouss decision to swear his debt instrument as Caesars heir are only a few examples as to how might can be the driving force for ones actions. After Caesar arrives at the senate with hopes of being offered the crown the conspirators encircle Julius Caesar and one by one stab him with their daggers. Once Caesar realizes that his dear friend Brutus is within the crowd he accepts reality, gives up the fight and soon dies.Marcus Antony decides to question Brutus as to why they decided to kill Caesar simply his response is simply that they will find out during the funeral oration. Within the drama Caesars ambition is seen as his tragic flaw so leading to the idea that Rome was in grave danger and the conspirators verdict to assassinate him. Marcus Antony being a beloved friend of Caesar stays behind subsequently the conspirators exit the room, and promises Caesars defunct boy as healthful as himself that his death will be avenged. Marcus Antony questions bot h Cassius and Brutus speech as to how Caesars ambition would only lead to the downfall of Rome.He then speaks to the public about the confidentiality of Caesars will, shows him the body and after the crowd begins to plead he decides to reads the will. The masses become enraged at the idea of Caesar lying dead and decide to drive Brutus and Cassius out of the city. Granting that Marcus Antony did not use any form of violence he did have actions in order to rock the masses to drive both traitors out of the city, his love for Caesar was greatly exemplified and gave burn up to the fight between Marcus Antony, Octavius and Lepidus against Cassius and Brutus.Octavius demonstrates his might by adhering to his responsibility as heir and downgrading Marcus Antonys responsibility within the battle. Octavius army triumphs after Cassius, Brutus and Titinius commit suicide, Antony speaks of Brutus calling him a Roman and Octavius orders for an honorable burial. Throughout the typify one can ef fortlessly see that power is the driving force behind the conspirators decision to assassinate Julius Caesar although the irksome decision caused more imaginable deaths than would have occurred if Julius Caesar would have remained alive.Conceding that literature is of great prominence and influence to the individual ideas and thoughts thousands of philosophers, authors, politicians and even dictators have used the idea of Might makes Right to influence their actions. Genevan philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau is attribute for his phrase Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains as history has support his phrase is exact, mass murder, enslavement and totalisticism are only a few of countless occurrences where the superior power has demonstrated its desire to achieve what wouldnt be possible without its steadfast hold of supremacy. atomic number 18 ones religious beliefs of great importance, or is it societies impotence to cast away those who dont agree, during WWII Germany had the imprudent pattern that they needed to make the perfect society, propaganda of anti-Semitism was the simplest way of attaining their goals. As WWII continued the Holocaust gave birth to the most senile, senseless and putrid form of hatred.Death camps and the murder of Jews is a simple way of demonstrating the immense power that Nazis held during the nineteenth century, nearly six million Jews were killed, but did the ends really justify the means, the Judaic population still exist to day, Hitler committed suicide and the Nazi party was defeated, having power is an accomplishment but it has to be well understood and whoever attains it must have the precise knowledge of what the outcome will be.Relating post to Rousseaus quote, was man actually born free history demonstrates that slavery was on of the harshest motives for demonstrating ones power, owning one, two or even ten slaves could easily signify ones power and wealth, but did having wealth and power create ecstasy fo r the proprietor or was it an approach at arrogance, boasting ones self-image.Blacks were frequently whipped, underfed and over worked but their owners malicious treatment taught them to pursue their happiness, therefore up to present days individuals of African heritage can be found performing incredible tasks such as the immense responsibility of holding the position of the President of the United States. Although slavery and mass murder hold an immense role as to how a dominant power must show his role totalitarian control is the superlative example, what break way of exhibiting your power than by tyrannical an entire country such as Stalin, Mussolini, and never forgotten Hitler did.All three leaders controlled a different entire frightened population under regular police terror, censorship and indoctrination therefore demonstrating their authority and dominance. Controlling their population may not have been the toughest ancestry but their dominion and the fear their natio ns felt toward them was exactly what they sought, but did controlling every aspect of their lives swop anything. Although the ideology behind might makes right is of great importance within human history it is invariably found within ones everyday life.Relating to the child asking his father why the bigger army perpetually wins, one doesnt always perceive how power can influence our lives. Although one does not always consider police, teachers and even parents as a superior power, they have a unique way of controlling what we do simply because they can. Imagine a child fussing over his parents setting a bedtime for him, he doesnt agree because he thinks he is old enough to sleep whenever he desires but he has suddenly no control over the matter, merely because he must obey or on contrary be punished.His parents have the ability to set his bedtime simply because they are his elders and he must obey as society has taught us. Although the child may find the rule absurd the next mor ning he awakes well rested and calm due to his parents decision to set his bedtime, therefore the ends actually justify the means. Law enforcement is of immense importance to society due to its ability to regulate ones actions and provide a in effect(p) environment for everyone to appreciate.Police action is of tremendous assistance for anyone during a hostile situation for example during a violent fight the police can be easily contacted and they have enough power to conceal whoever caused the fight or was of danger to the other party. Although police do not have much power without the constant of witnesses they do have privileges such as giving tickets and assigning probation, in order to supporting the community safe and secure. Although teachers are at times neglected and deprived of their significance they often assert their positions and demand their students.During school hours teachers typically assist one hundred and fifty or more students but in order for their class to behave they must have a sense of demand and control, typically teachers assign detention or even referrals, granting that the student was misbehaving some teachers may at times be kind enough to pay no attention to it simply because they do not wish to abandon the students future opportunities. Parents, law enforcement and teachers can be of great importance in ones life but one does not always have enough consideration as to how they can use their power to persuade or even demand an individual to perform a certain task.Generations passed, generations to come and the debate continues does Might make right? The United States is constantly patrolling countries like Iraq conceivably demanding them to follow in our perspective surely the motive behind it is to achieve power and dominance. Although violence is a considerable symbol behind power the greatest power of all is having an entire population fear you, such as most totalitarian leaders did.Then is war only a perennial struggle for power, a game that we play to see who the victor will be or is it a form of leadership that one can attain by dominance and arrogance? Might makes right derives from the second a child has the inhibit knowledge as to his parents actions, children as young as ten months understand that the grownup is the one who typically does what he desires. Therefore does Might make right or perhaps there is not immobile explanation and one must be the soul theorist.