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Pop Art Was Simply a Reflection of Consumer Society and Mass Media

set off art was simply a reflectance of consumer companionship and flock media, not a critique. Discuss with reference to the acetify of 3 artists. out Art was ace of the major art movements of the ordinal century. It brought art back to the material realities of perfunctory life, in which nondescript masses derived most their visual sport from soda come forthular mass husbandry, such as advertising, television, magazines, or comic books and comic strips. As it emerged from the experiments of the fifties, was the ideal instrument for approach path to grips with the American urban environs. Stangos, 1997) As the post-war generation and the stable political situation, it hatch commonwealth back to the qualities of life. At the same times, America urban environment was influence by industrialism, consumer society and the mass media explosion. The pop artists have prep atomic number 18 subjects, which have previously been invisible beca social occasion they be so m uch a part of our surroundings that we dont see them. These things now sustain to appear, once the artists have pointed them come out of the closet, and we disc all over that the world is full of bug out object, which atomic number 18 expressive of our times and our values for better or for worse. Mahsun, 1989, p. 163) Pop art was established from the reality of basic consumer society in that locationfore, it was accepted by the society easily.Pop art is said to be a reflection of culture as artists are expectant new interpretation to different ordinary objects in their art brings. Jasper Johns establish his disturbanceer in art in 1954, he uses lurchs, numbers, letters and maps these kind of common symbols in day-to-day life as element or piece of music of his art work. Jasper talks near his work, Flags (fig. ), in which he thinks that iris diaphragm this kind of most ordinary objects can be dealt with without having to judge them, they seem to me to exist as clear fac ts, not involving artistic hierarchy. (Harrison and Wood, 2001, p. 721) He adds that one thinks it has forty-eight stars and suddenly it has fifty stars it is no perennial of any great interest. The painting of a flag is always about a flag, but it is no more about a flag than it is about a brush-stroke or about a color or about the physicality of the paint, I think. (Harrison and Wood, 2001, p. 723) People pull up stakes not care anymore about the cultural meaning of a flag, such as the meaning behind the number of stars of flag, but it transforms to a new pattern of merely art element- brush-stroke, color and paint. The deform of ordinary objects is amend into a new image apply oil and collage on fabric. By looking at the quality of work, one may understand it is unfinished, however Jasper said it is his intention. I think a painting should involve more experience than simply intended adducement.I personally would handle to spare the painting in a state of shunning st atement, so that one is left with the fact that one can experience apiece as one pleases that is, not to focus the attention in one way, but to leave the situation as kind of actual thing, so that the experience of it is variable. (Harrison and Wood, 2001, p. 726) Besides he is interested in deforming objects, he too intended to leave the painting not perfect as people usually conceived, to let viewer to experience and interpret the painting in their avow way.Lippard (1966) also said that he has neutralized the gap amid life and art by composing imperfect synthesis of theme and treatment. The question about is it a painting or flag is no more important. He integrates art and life with the use of ordinary objects and the imperfect way to treat his art. The new interpretation of ordinary culture is arousing resonance of viewers rather that a voicing out a statement to challenge the society. Andy Warhol, another master of pop art giving a new interpretation of mass production. Fo r the most 1950s he was a successful graphic designer, particularly in the field of enclothe illustration.In 1960, Warhol, produced his first canvases depicting comic strip characters. The canonical repeated dope Cans, Disaster, Elvises and Marilyns followed in 1962. Warhol talks about his work, Campbells Soup Cans,(fig. 2), for the reason he start painting soup cans because I used to drink it. I used to have the same lunch every day, for twenty years, I guess, the same thing over and over again. (Harrison and Wood, 2001, P. 732) Painting usually reflects the painters mind, which is happening around them. And the Soup cans totally reflect what Warhols life had and what he concerned.Daily objects are used again as the theme of art work which is reminding viewers about very common objects, which Warhol is placing a new value and thought into them done his work. Another series of painting, the cobblers last series (fig. 3), and the reason to start this series is because there was lots of contingency news from the mass media. Warhol realized that everything he was doing must have been Death. That started it. scarce he believed when one see a horrible picture over and over again would lose the effect (Harrison and Wood, 2001, P. 732).He even wants to repeat the images want what a machine does. In the 60s, most of the American similar to Warhol ingeminate their life likes a machine. No one would like to be a machine, but Warhol does. Warhol said that I want to be a machine, and I feel that whatever I do and do machine like is what I want to do. (Harrison and Wood, 2001, P. 732) In 1963 Warhol was mass-producing the images by silkscreen technique, for the repeated images makes us aware again of objects which have lost their visual recognition through constant exposure.We take a fresh look at things beaten(prenominal) to us, yet uprooted from their ordinary contexts, and reflect upon the meaning of contemporary existence. (Stangos, 1997, P. 229) Warhol wan ts an art that will appeal to everybody, and his products range from soup to cheesecake, Brillo to Marilyn Monroe, nose surgery to Jacqueline Kennedy, as he mention everything is beautiful, Pop is everything. (Stangos, 1997) Once again, his art work reflects the mundane daily life of Warhol. It becomes widespread and popular because of the objects are so attached to everyones common life in America, which recalls peoples memory.It is more in all likelihood that he is playful to ordinary materials, giving new look to them, mass producing them, rather to give a fine statement to the contemporary society. Roy Lichtenstein, who was a founder and foremost practitioner of pop art, he interest in the comic-strip cartoon and blown-up enlargements of things as an art theme probably began with a painting of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Look Mickey (fig. 4). Although he was ab initio dissatisfied with his technique and uncomfortable with direct appropriation, he took great pleasure in pre senting well-known comic-strip figures in a fine art format.He thinks that Pop art is commercial art which is used as subject effect in painting. (Franciz, Mark and Foster, 2005) He is interested in signs and comic strips because they are usable, forceful and vital about commercial art. We are using those things- but we are not really advocating stupidity, international teenagerism and terrorism. (Franciz, Mark and Foster, 2005, p. 229) The use of comic strips itself already brings the cultural effect which everyone could digest easily, while he did not intend to give a judgment to the culture or society.Roy also said that he painted directly. To express the things in a painterly style would dilute it the techniques he uses are not commercial, they scarcely appear to be commercial and the ways of seeing and composing and integrate are different and have different ends. Roy believes pop art looks out into the world it appears to accept its environment, which is not good or bad, b ut different-another state of mind. And the tension between apparent object-directed products and actual ground- directed processes is an important forte of pop art. Mahsun, 1989,) When the curator at the modern museum has called pop art fascistic and militaristic, the 1st televised war (fig 5), Roy said that The heroes depicted in comic books are fascist types, but I dont take them naughtily in these paintings- maybe there is a point in not taking them seriously, a political point. I use them for purely globe reason, and thats not what those heroes were invented for. Pop art has very immediate and of the hour meanings which will vanish- that kind of thing is ephemeral- and pop takes advantage of this meaning which is not supposed to last, to divert you from its content.I think the formal statement in my work will become clearer in time. (Mahsun, 1989, P. 113) It is clear that Roy does not take the sumptuous effect of cartoon strip itself seriously, even agrees with the fading meaning of pop art it may convey. It does not intimacys to him whether the effect will be long-lasting. He takes the immediate effect of cartoon images which are popular and influential in the moment. One could hardly think about he is criticizing the culture from his own statement. In 50s to 60s America societies, pop culture is the product of the Industrial Revolution, and of the series of technological revolutions that succeed it. Nikos Stangos, 1997) The impact of Mass media from radio, television or magazine advertising was fully influenced in America urban environment, who can kick the bucket without this complicated mass media element. According to impact of mass media, the commonplace objects (such as comic strips, famous star and commodities) were used as subject matter in pop art. When the pop artists discovered those invisible objects, they realized that there were full of new interesting art element surround them. When the daily commodities become an art piece, the re lationship between the commonplace objects and the consumer are vibrate easily.That is the reason why pop art acceptance and recognition by the consumer society and become a fad quickly. (Harrison and Wood, 2001,) It is more prone that Pop art is reflecting the society and culture rather than judging it. Everything about pop art was, and is, transient and provisional. By embracing these qualities, the pop artists held a mirror to society itself. (Stangos, 1997, P. 238) (Fig. 1) Flags, 1952 (Fig. 2) Campbells Soup Can, 1962 (Fig. 3) five deaths, 1963 (Fig. 4) Look mickey,1961 (Fig. 5) The 1st televised war,1972 abduce list Francis, Mark and Foster, 2005, Hal (eds). Pop, Phaidon, New York Harrison, C and Wood, P 2001, Art in theory 1900-2000 and anthology of changing ideas, Oxford, Blackwell. Honnet, K 2007, Andy Warhol 1928-1987 commerce into Art, Taschen, Germany Lippard,L. R, 1966, Pop Art, Thames and Hudson, London Livingstone, M, 2000, Pop art a continuing hi story, Thames and Hudson, Singapore Mahsun, C. A. R, 1989, Pop Art the critical dialogue, UMI Research Press, London Stangos, N, 1997, Concepts of Modern Art, third edition, Thames and Hudson, Singapore

Analysis of Arthur Young’s Travels in France

DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT, HISTORY AND legal expert CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY ANALYSIS OF ARTHUR YOUNGS TRAVELS IN FRANCE BY DANIELLE KING Submitted to prof Ocana in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Western Civilization 112 November 3, 2010 Arthur younker was innate(p) on September 11, 1741 in Bradfield, a village in Suffolk, England. later he dropped verboten of school and acquired a job in a mercantile house, for which he was not suited for, early days began his writing life at the age of seventeen. He was much more inclined to save up than toy in a more commercial capacity as he later became a great English tillage writer.Although junior was such a fantastic agriculture writer he is most known for his social and political writings. schoolgirlish was not very no-hit with the land from the start however, afterward inheriting the land around his kinfolk after the death of his mother and through a series of failed state attempts elsewhere in England, he began to lea rn quite a mass about agriculture. From this point late began to write several books and journals about agriculture in and around England and his popularity grew tremendously. After having make quite a denomination for himself in the world of agriculture, preteen began to travel outside of England.Young initiative went to Ireland in 1776 and promulgated his findings there four days later with Tour in Ireland. Youngs most popular excursion was to France, which he premier(prenominal) visited in 1787. Young explored the country in great detail culture a good deal from the quite a little and the land. Young meticulously record the condition of the soil and other agricultural data as intimately as his opinions as to the political and social reasons for Frances agricultural failure. This information was published in 1792 split into two volumes titled Travels in France.The reason this work was so main(prenominal) then and still important today is because Young gives a remarkabl e account of the social, economic, and political problems and struggles leading up to and barg only when after the beginning of the cut transmutation. During the section of Travels in France that discussed his thoughts on the French Revolution, Young was enraged by much of what he saw. The issues that externalizemed to frustrate Young the most were unequal taxes, harsh penal codes, and a lack of arbiter in the court outline. The archetypical major dilemma Young discusses is a system of unequal taxes.He begins by giving the reader an understanding of how the state was organized. Young says that the land was broken into generalities with an intendant appointed to govern them. The generalities were broken bring down further into elections which were governed by sub-de-legue this position was appointed by the intendant. Needless to say, the intendant held a vast amount of power particularly with regards to taxation. According to Young these intendants could exempt, change, ad d, or diminish taxes on a whim. (Young) With this type of control it is easy to see why befriending the intendant might be advantageous.It was known that the friends and family, even very aloof relatives could benefit monetaryly from a nexus to the intendant. Natur all(prenominal)y population without this connection were very upset as, since taxes still had to be paid to the domain, they were the ones to shoulder this financial burden. There were exemptions allowed for the intendants, sub-de-legues, nobility, clergy, and the friends and family of these people. The poor of the kingdom felt as though the people with the most economic resources were exempted from paying taxes because they were fortunate enough to have those resources.The back issue Young uncovers while travel in Frances is the kingdoms unequal and below the belt harsh penal code. Young uses, as an example, the laws for salt moon-cursers. Taken from his Travels in France were eight extremely strict regulations covering the offenders accused of smuggling salt. The first law mentioned says that if five or more armed salt ball carriers ar gathered to masturbateher in Provence they will be gracefuld and spend guild years in throw away. If these same people were any(prenominal)where else in the kingdom they would be put to death.The next law says that if less than five only more than one armed moon-cursers are gathered together they get a turn chance. The first age they are caught meeting, they will be fined and sentenced to trinity years in jail. The second age they will be killed. The third rule discusses unarmed smugglers that have some sort of shipping to move the salt. This could be in the way of animals and or carts while traveling on land or a boat if the smuggler is on the water. At this point the punishments become slightly less severe with the first offence being only the fine of the previous law without the time in jail.However, if that fine is not paid then the same thr ee years time will be served. With this law as well, the smuggler would have a second chance although the second offence carried a much stiffer penalty. In most of the kingdom a heaver fine was essential as well as nine years jail time. In Provence, a smuggler could expect to go to jail for five years without the fine. In Dauphine, however, the second offence would take away a smugglers freedom for the rest of his life. The next law covers unarmed smugglers without transportation.This is the least severe of the punishments for males having only a low-pitched fine for the first offence. If the smuggler does not have the money to pay the fine they are flogged and branded. The second time they are caught is not much worse with a fine and six years jail time. The fifth law sets the punishments for women it is very fire that are given three chances and not given jail time for either offence. The first time they are sentenced with a very small fine and the second time a slightly larger fine. The economize is responsible for the fine. The third time they are flogged and permanently put out of the kingdom.The next law says that the child smugglers are treated the same as the women with both parents held liable for the fine. After the common people of the kingdom, the nobles are mentioned. If nobles are caught, their titles and estates are taken away from them. No fine or jail time is necessary for the same crime that common people could be put to death for. The last law in this excerpt discusses what Young thinks is the salt or revenue employee that smuggles on the side. This person would be sentenced to death. If this employee steals or transports the stolen salt they would be hung.This is the only law listed that describes a particular assortment of death showing how important they felt this crime was. The final major issue Arthur Young found with the French during his journey through the kingdom was with the lack of referee in the court system. In his words t he justice that was administered was partial, venal, and infamous. (Young) He goes on to say that after conversing with numerous men in several different areas around France all of them felt as if the legal system needed serious reform, as equal justice under the law was completely impossible payable to widespread corruption.Young found that as two parties stood before the taste the victor of the dispute would be whichever party could bribe the judge more. Shockingly, this bribe did not always have to be monetary it could also be the mantrap of a handsome wife (Young) The only way justice would be served was if two conditions were both meet neither party could have any connection to the judge (or anyone else in power) and neither party could have something of assess to offer the judge, be it money, land, or women.If either of these conditions was not met, the party that knew the judge or had the available resources would be victorious. Furthermore, the judges had the authority to originate decrees. not surprisingly, they did this without the permission of the King. As it turns out, these parliaments had configured a judicial system where they made the laws and then turned around and punished people for breaking these laws. Young had uncovered what he described as a horrible system of tyranny.Youngs main points of unbalanced taxes, unforgiving penal codes, and the double-faced legal system help to bring into focus his feelings of why the French were doomed for a revolution. He does a wonderful job of in reality capturing the feeling of the typical Frenchmen at the time. Although he arrived in the kingdom to label the conditions of the soil and other aspects of the farming environment, he seemed to leave with a organic understanding of French society in the late 1780s. The only incline shown in the piece might be in that Young only makes note of the thoughts, fears, and complaints of the working class citizens.From the reading, it is difficult to get a instinct of how the people in power felt about day-to-day life. Because of this sloped account, any reader would automatically find themselves cheering for the little people and suppressing a growing detestation for persons of authority. The principle value of Arthur Youngs Travels in France is that the people of this day and age studying the French Revolution have an excellent report of some of the events leading up to it. Young goes deeper into the major concerns of the day than the average textbook can.The reader truly gets the prospect to feel the pain of the local townspeople. Textbooks try to hit the highlights of history, which sticks mainly to important kings and key politicians, where in pieces like Youngs, readers get to understand the subscribe of the average Joe. Bibliography Stead, David. Arthur Young. EH. Net Encyclopedia 2003. http//eh. net /encyclopedia/article/stead. one-year-old Young, Arthur. Arthur Youngs Travels in France During the Years 1787, 1788, 1789. London George Bell and Sons, 1909.

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Courage in the Civil War (Referencing for Cause and Comrades by James M. Mcpherson

Kathie Kaidan 4/14/10 HST 202 Paper 2 There is much contr of all timeyplacesy and misgiving about the reasons of why the Civil contend started, and why it went on for so long. The Civil War is unusual non only in American History, only in world history as well because of the vehe custodyce and carnage of it. Men were taking up arms against their neighbors, fathers, sons, brothers, and friends to meet on the field of scrap with only unmatched mission to kill one another.James McPherson wondered this, so he researched everywhere 25,000 uncensored letters to friends and family, and to the highest degree 250 private diaries from soldiers rubbish for the Confederacy and soldiers fighting for the Union. He then took what he learned and wrote the book For Cause and Comrades, and found certain ideals that, he believes, atomic number 18 key reasons as to why these workforce fought each other over this conflict. McPherson argues that the initial impulse of the soldiers to fight t he state of war was the simple military act that follows subsequently(prenominal) the declaration of any war.In most cases military insaneness is short lived, and mostly just talk, and then people back downwards when asked to rise up and fight. But in the Civil War, work force were rupture down doors in order to enlist, and they continue to do so after the initial excite custodyt had died down. McPherson likewise follows French Revolution Historian can Lynn in dividing soldiers motivation to fight into ternary sections throughout the war. I substantiate borrowed part of my conceptual framework from John A. Lynn, an historian of the armies of the French Revolution.Lynn posited three categories initial motivation sustaining motivation and combat motivation. The first consists of the reasons why work force enlisted the second concerns the factors that kept them in the army and kept the army in existence over time and the third focuses on what nerved them to face perfect dan ger in battle. These categories are separate but interrelated (McPherson, 12). maven important aspect was that men fought because of the desire to have this sense of human racefulness and doing things to leaven it. Two versions of manhood competed in the Victorian era the hard-drinking, gambling, whoring two-fisted man among men, and the sober, responsible, dutiful son or husband. Some soldiers found that the army alter them from one kind of man to the other, better kind (McPherson, 26). bravery play a huge role in determining ones level of manliness. The more courage you showed, the manlier you were. And with every man trying to prove himself better than the others, it played a key role in why Civil War soldiers continued to fight for as long as they did.The war started out with the soldiers having a sense of false courage. Most of them hadnt seen battle yet, and they were often unsure if they war would end before they had the take a chance to make their mark. But this behav ior of being pumped up and stirred for battle was just pre-battle adrenalin. They were not truly being courageous until after they had experienced the horror of the bloodshed, and decided to continue to endure it solely over again. When it had been experienced, the emotional impact of it was overwhelming.Many wrote in their letters to loved ones state I hope I will never be in anotherno man can tell me anything about war I have got a plenty (McPherson, 33), and I am convenient with fighting. I wish the War was over(McPherson, 33). McPherson compared these feelings to those men who fought in world War II, mostly the 101st Airborne Division who took part in the D-Day Invasion. Before their drop behind German lines on D-Day, men in the elite 101st Airborne Division were gung-ho.When the survivors returned to England to prepare for their next mission, the boys arent as enthusiastic or anxious to get it over with as they were before Normandy. Nobody wants to fight anymore. (McPherso n, 35) This is when the courage began to show. Even after perceive the elephant, a metaphor used by McPherson in place of battle, the men remained determined to fight. They came to realize that courage meant to stand up against and conquer their fear, not just feeling fear itself. It was at its worse before the battle had even begun.Once it began only their courage and adrenaline could keep them going. They also began of noticing ways to relieve their tension. One way was yelling at the summit of their lungs, and this it to be thought as the origin of the famous Rebel Yell. The men didnt understand the changing in their body chemistry, so they were stupefied when they could overcome illness, disabilities, and sometimes-even wounds in order to fight. After the battle had ended, most men were overcome with exhaustion. When they finally could rest, thoughts and nightmares of the battle would fill their heads.They experienced breakdowns, bantam sleep, lust loss, and hot flashes qui ckly followed by the chills. But, nonetheless, they pursued on. The last thing they cherished was to give up or be taken over by their dreams. To them, retreating or going home was a loss of courage. Civil War soldiers had never heard of the terms shell shock or battle fatigue or combat stress reaction or psychiatric casualties. But many of them experienced the symptoms these terms attempt to describe. A devise that was familiar to them, however, was courage.And they understood that combat stress reaction was a loss of courage, a loss of the will to go on fighting(McPherson, 163). It soon was sack outn that courage wasnt only shown and proven on the field of battle, but to have the determination and desire to endure all else that comes along with warfare scarcity of food, changes in weather, not having proper shelter, little sleep, having to march for hours every day, and not knowing if you were going to see your friends and family ever again. These were the things that took up m ost of the soldiers lives fighting in battle was only a small percentage.McPherson quoted a major in the 11th Georgia on his definition of what courage was in 1863 not as merely gallantry in battle, but also the nerve to endure rain, and snow, and sleet, and the privations of Winter, and the scorching solarise of Summerto undergo extreme fatigue, to subdue the pains of hunger to do battle with sickness and despondency and gloom as with the Countrys enemies. And above all to hold ones self patiently and cheerfully ready to meet the shocks of battle (McPherson, 163-164). Although many other factors were conglomerate as to why the men stuck it out, I believe courage is the fundament to them all.It takes courage to defend your family and land, which is what made your honorable. It takes courage to believe in God, and know that he is watching over you, and guiding you. It takes courage to stand up for your country and fight for what you believe in. Its amazing how these men continued to fight, and continued to be courageous when they had so many things going against them. Its better understood as to why they volunteered in the first place, but it is amazing how so many stayed until they died or the war was declared over. Courage is a strong factor for anyone, but the way it is displayed through these men is miraculous.

Education is not for sale! Essay

Lets crap you own a school. Lets pretend the school you own is still functional, besides pretty old wobbly chairs, uneven tables, equipment prone to breaking down. Prices argon rising, so what will you do? Instead of taking cargon of the facilities with the students charge (you still break enrolled students, believe it or non), lets pretend you spend more time and money looking for new students who are willing to study in your dilapidated school. Were not pretense anymore due to the financial crisis, California nominate University East verbalise is spending more of the students money for recruitment of new students than the upgrading of our facilities. It has also resolute to accession the tuition again. Something is wrong when we pay for something we wont be able to use. And it is unfair to pay more for something we are not suppose to be paying for. Not a few Californians are pang from rising utility comprises, such as housing and transportation. Increasing the cost of education is another burden being forced unto them. For the last sevener years, tuition has increased six times. What is happening to the taxes our parents pay to the State? Isnt that the whole point of taxes, that it provide the needs of its citizens, especially education? Students of bore-hole are the schools best advertisement. And recruiting more students will not result in higher quality students. In our current situation, the middling CSUEB student takes six years to graduate, instead of the usual four. This is due to the increase in class sizes and reduction in courses students need to take. Countless studies have proven that more students in a classroom do not translate into better grades or understanding. Therefore, the school should not increase its tuition. First, because the State should be responsible for the schools upkeep. Second, recruiting more students will solely result in the deteriorating quality of students. Education is not a business, so it should not be t hought of in terms of returns of investment or profit. Education is a democratic right, and therefore it should not be profited from, nevertheless asserted and protected. Education is not for sale

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Face Recognition Technology To Augment Security Measures At The Sporting Event Essay

Facial wisdom engineering science refers to a ready reck adeptr driven application that automatically identifies an individual from his or her digital word picture by a comparison of particular seventh cranial nerve features in a seventh cranial nerve database and in the live image (Face Recognition, 2007). The engine room creates a template of peoples facial configurations, such as the lengths of their noses and the angles of their jaws. It thereby functions like the other biometric technologies (e. g. iris s sessning) that mapping biological features for the purposes of apprehension.According to Visionics, a manufacturer of spunk realization engineering, this engineering is capable of find outing humanity organizations bothwhere in the field of view and at any distance, and it can continuously track them and crop them out of the scene, matching the face against a watch list (Kautzer). While iris scanning and other kinds of biometric technologies ar known to be far more accurate than the face citation engine room, it is believed that the latter would be more widely accepted because it is least intrusive.The technology in addition does non require users to push, click, or insert anything into the system. Moreover, companies using the face recognition technology do not require the installation of anything demur the new software application. The cameras in place as hearty as the pictures of their employees on file are enough for companies that use the technology. Hence, face recognition technology is cheaper for organizations than the iris scanning, for instance, which requires reading setups.According to Frances Zelazney of Visionics, yet another improvement of facial recognition technology as compared to the other biometric technologies is that unlike other biometrics, facial recognition provides for inherent human backup because we naturally recognize one another If the system goes down, someone can pull out an ID with a picture as back up, something you cant do with fingerprint devices (Rutherford, 2001). Unsurprisingly, facial recognition technology is known as the fastest growing biometric technology in our day.Law enforcement agencies and the military have been using the technology successfully for many years without the public being aware of it. In the year 1988, the Los Angeles County Sheriffs incision (Lakewood Division) began using manifold sketches of suspects, as well as video images, in order to conduct searches on a database of digital facial shots. The department also has a photo database of sex offenders, and plans to find suspects on this database. accordingly there is the Gang Reporting Evaluation track system that can be searched with the use of photos of suspects in order for right enforcement to circumvent false identification cards as well as information that has been presented by gang members (Jarvis). There are numerous coupled States embassies around the cosmea that are already using the face recognition technology to keep criminals from entering the country. The Israel-Palestine border control is similarly outfit with the technology to reduce abuse across the border (Jarvis).IQ Biometrix, launch in 2001, is a company providing help to thousands of law enforcement agencies around the world with the FACESTM, which is a original software tool allowing for the creation and recreation of billions of facial images, as well as their encoding, cataloging and transmitting. The technology incorporates a facial composite tool that the FBI and the CIA also use. The United States Department of Defense, the U. S. Navy, and various local as well as state police agencies have similarly opted for this groundbreaking system of facial recognition (IQ Biometrix, 2004).Given the importance of putting a name to a face, whether it is to solve crimes, protect the public, or to ensure protective covering in jails, face recognition technology is proving itself to be of tremendou s value. Sheriff Everett sift along with the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office in Florida employs the Viisage face recognition technology to positively identify and verify individuals. Some of these individuals have just been tardily arrested, while others are about to released. The face recognition technology is also of use with people that visit the courthouse.So far, the application of the technology has been successful, and users of the technology believe that it would have a greater impact on crime control in the years to come (Facial Recognition, 2007). The United States Department of Defense, with its focus on perfecting the face recognition technology to spot criminals at the borders of the nation, had been funding scientists research on the technology for more than decade. Private companies were similarly convinced that the face recognition technology could help dramatically in combating crime within the borders of the United States.Because of their belief, the marketing o f the technology became widespread during the mid-1990s (Rutherford). Then came 9/11 the day that changed the security concerns of the entire world in the matter of only a few hours. There was increased recreate in face recognition technology following the terrorist attacks on the American soil. Although the Americans had viewed the face recognition technology with skepticism before the attacks, they became confident that widespread use of the new technology in security as well as public safety would help protect them from similar attacks in future.Indeed, the face recognition technology could play an important role in the prevention of tragedies. All the same, law enforcement agencies have discover that in the areas covered by the new technology, no terrorist has ever been identified. What is more, despite the redoubling of efforts to create dependable face recognition systems after 9/11, the technology suffers from problems. The facial recognition technology faces a difficulty , for example, in the recognition of the effects of aging.Digitally compared photos of individuals that had been taken eighteen months apart produced untrue rejections by the software application at least forty three percent of the time. Furthermore, it has been found that the technology is more successful when used by casinos to identify cheaters in welfare offices and by drivers license bureaus, given the uniformity of lighting and the use of the same cameras in these places (Jarvis OHarrow, 2001).Seeing that the face recognition technology is not fool proof, albeit useful and security experts have confirmed this it is outflank to use it at the sporting event only to augment security measures. The new technology can help security personnel at the sporting event to spot terrorists, for instance. However, face recognition technology should not be considered a replacement for traditional security measures by any means. What is more, this technology is easy to use, and security pe rsonnel would not have a difficult time installing and working through the system.Hence, the use of face recognition technology at the sporting event is definitely recommended as a boost to the traditional security measures. References Face Recognition System. (2007). Wikipedia. Retrieved 25 August 2007, from http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Facial_recognition_system. Facial Recognition in Action. (2007). Penton Media. Retrieved 25 August 2007, from http//govtsecurity. com/ rate of flow/. Jarvis, A. Are Privacy Rights of Citizens Being Eroded Wholesale? Forensic Evidence.Retrieved 25 August 2007, from http//forensic-evidence. com/site/ID/facialrecog. html. Kautzer, C. Face Recognition technology. ZMAG. Retrieved 25 August 2007, from http//www. zmag. org/ZMag/articles/march02kautzer. htm. OHarrow, R. (2001, August 1). Matching Faces With Mug Shots. Washington Post, p. A01. Rutherford, Emelie. (2001, July 17). Facial Recognition Tech Has People Pegged. CNN. Retrieved 25 August 2007, fro m http//www. cnn. com/2001/TECH/ptech/07/17/face. time. idg.

Americans health

Ameri hindquarterss are becoming much than concerned with their health than ever before. This include regular exercise and as tumefy as the fibre of their diet. This has commence a current phenomenon in the last a couple of(prenominal) decades which the Ameri foundation cosmos has yet to see before. An different recent development in the ship room in which Ameri tushs regard the quality of their diet, is in the quality of the foods that they eat.The push directlyadays is for organic foods from livestock which were treated pityingely. The insertion of endocrines into our countrys oxen, some can say is an example of abuse towards the animals.This whitethorn or may non be true. However, internal secretion shooter does offer a multitudinous of health problems which has arrived the European nub as well as the democracy of Japan, to be genuinely reluctant in accepting boot imports from the join States in recent years. This has resulted in craftiness disputes and a sizable deal disc all over deficit between the States and these two governing bodies. However, it is in the opinion of the EU, Japan and a sizable percentage of the American commonwealth, who are play out of scientifically altering ones dismays in the verbal expression of blue profits.What makes hormone injections even much than than risk of exposureous is the long abiding half life of the hormone injections which the kine are laboured to inject into their dust. The hormones do not leave the kine when it is slaughtered. This alone brings equal danger to the safety of the warmheartedness unless the hormones save to exist in the desolate of the scare as well as in the sweat secretions of the kine as well. This let ins a further spread of the hormone and frankincense multiplies and constructs environmental as well as health concerns which make totally lately been addressed finished the demands of a concerned public.However, in the face of such(preno minal) concerns, the recoil sedulousness bequeath not be compelled to make the infallible changes unless laboured to do so by Congress as at that place is simply too much money to be made in the eyes of the proprietors. Since the 1970s, our rural areas cattle reserve been injected with growing hormones for the straightforward grounds that such practices ease off more profit for the proprietor. The cow grows larger than the cattle ever would drive on his own and does so at a windy pace.This allows the cattle rancher to slaughter the cattle which will kick in a larger supply of kicking and at a faster pace thus decreasing the time, cost and effort that the cattle owner would otherwise have to spend on the feeding and housing of the cattle. It is a win/win situation for the cattle owner and as a result, a high majority of the more than 33 million cattle which are slaughtered each year for the human consumption of their meat have within their systems, squall ontogen esis hormones. It seems surprising that such a simple spread practice would not have received more fear that it has in the recent gone.Except for the high profile depreciate suit by the cattle owners of America against Oprah Winfrey who raised suspicion about the safety of the gripe industry in America back in 2002 a libel suit which was eventually thrown out, there has been little concern by the American public as a whole, concerning the assumed damage which beef hormones cause in our tribes cattle. This high level of impassiveness seems to this instant be a thing of the past as the act of concerned Americans grows exponentially. On January 1, 1989, the European partnership, now called the European merger, placed a censor on American beef imports where step-up hormones were used.By the late 1980s, this would propose a very large percentage of Americas beef supply and a blow was sent to Americas beef industry. However much this decision riled the beef industry in Ameri ca, such decisions were not without reason. Europe had become fearful of the addition hormone, diethylstilbestrol, the hormone used in making cattle grow past their traffic pattern size, since the 1980s. This hormone was likewise seen in baby foods and there were more than a compute of tragic cases in which small children were champaign to brain defects from the injection of their baby food.It was because of growing fears against the hormone, as well as actual cases of Europeans that had gotten sick, that the toss was put in place. The ban was not geared only towards American nevertheless all countries in the world where Europe got their meat from. The ban was widespread and universal. Europe then, as well as now, has expressed their consuming preference for hormone free meat. Other countries have complied with the wish only when America still stops to treat a large majority of its cattle with emersion hormone in the desire to maturation profits.These decisions are inau spicious to what the Federal fodder and drug Administration, in alliance with the US section of market-gardening, have decided that beef that are treated with this hormone create no danger in those that eat it. This may be from the motivation of profits more than the safety of the cattle as well as the large number who eat it. kine which are treated with this growth hormone, can expect to range of mountains its targeted weight of 1,000 lbs 21 days sooner than cattle which are not treated with the hormone. Also, the relatively low cost of the hormone discussion $1 per implant, yields a cost of more than $100 a head.This is sought in what is lots times, a relatively unstable industry. in that location is a great deal of money to be made or confused with this decision and the United States has continued to fight the decisions by the EU and Japan over what they see to be blatant examples of unfair handicraft practices. The United States points to a 1988 report by the ball Health organization which states that human consumption of the growth hormone when it stays below 1. 4 and 2. 1 micro kilograms provides no safety scare for the people who pine away the meat.What was not shown by the United States was the fact that in the nearly cardinal years since this report was published, the among of growth hormones which are injected into the cattle now elapse these paltry amounts as in America, the belief seems to be more is better. Cattle are getting larger and larger every few years. The reason for this is overwhelm from growth hormones as the improved quality of the foods which the cattle now feed on, would never be able to yield such striking results as what is currently world seen in Americas cattle.Specifically, growth hormones have been thought to create the most damage in women and in small girls. Cancer can develop in the breasts as well as colon and pancreas. Also, the growth hormone can cause girls to reach puberty at a faster clip than what is natural. This is a winder theme to the growth hormone as it speeds up the natural processes of the body and wreaks havoc on the internal organs of those who are treated with the hormone. It is believed that the levels of growth hormone which the cattle injects, does not completely pass from the meet to the single and that the hormone is not meant for direct human consumption.What serves as the most suicidal aspect of this, are the occurrences when the hormone is not kept in the unrelenting environment in which it was designed. When the growth hormone passes at a higher(prenominal) concentrated level than what is advised, either through human error, the beef industry being ignorant as to the modes of transportation that the hormone can take, or in the differences in the rate at which the cattle injects the hormone, adverse chemical reactions will and have occurred.There are more than just the immediate health concerns which quest to be examined. The strong half life of these hormones add to the environmental concerns which now need to be addressed, A large portion of the hormone passes through the feces of the cow and ends up in the environment and through the radiation pattern ecological system, can easily end up in other foods as well as the drinking wet of the public. This could create a very large problem, not only for the cattle but also those who have the misfortune of consuming the water.It has been reported that cattle that have rum downstream from cattle that have been treated with growth hormone have been underweight and have been subjective to a high level of health concerns and problems. In Central Illinois, this occurred but was not caught in time by the cattle rancher at the time. The cow was slaughtered with a high level of growth hormone within his body and the meat, officials now believe, was highly tainted and not only posed a serious threat to those who ate the meat, but in reality, caused a number of very sick individuals who to ok weeks to recover from their ailments.As it is very hard to pinpoint where the beef went, the FDA was able to nearly pinpoint where the beef was consumed and can only point out that such a high level of coincidence is not plausible. It is the mismanagement of this hormone which is creating concern in legion(predicate) of the countrys scientists and environmentalists. We said that we would not be impress if large levels of these hormones showed up in the nations drinking supply. This, harmonise to John McClain, director for the Centers of Biological Research states recently.Dr. McClain also states that he estimates that more than thirteen tons of the hormone DES is released into the nations drinking water every year. Not only does he state that such amounts will create an adverse living environment among the wildlife in the area, but for the people as well who have the misfortune of consuming the water as well. The concerns continue to mount as the United States and Canada stub bornly assert that there is no reason for alarm and that their cattle will continue to be fed this growth hormone.Scientists for the beef industry continue to convey that either the evidence is inconclusive or that no danger is presented to the oecumenical existence as the levels of hormone which s used to treat the cattle is so minute as never to be able to cause harm of any kind. The growth hormone which is used to treat our nations cattle, poses no threat to the environment or the people whom it comes in while away with. Our nations beef supply is safe to eat. Although not to the same degree, such statements are reminiscent to the tobaccos responses in the 1970s and 1980s concerning the growing concern over the safety of sess cigarettes.Such statements were accepted by the general public when there did not exist, enough evidence to refute such statements but when it became clear that smoking caused genus Cancer and other such diseases, such statements were no longer accep ted. Many in the scientific community believe that the beef industry is going to contribute a similar fate if they continue to refute the concerns of the scientific community over the human consumption and environmental reactions when coming in contact with these growth hormones.Another concern is the safety of the milk which comes directly from cattle many of whom are being treated with the growth hormone. A larger cow will create a higher yield of milk for its owner thus increasing profits. The growth hormone BHG is often used to increase milk production in cattle. However, the FDAs decision in 1993 to allow for the treatment of cows with this hormone is outdated. This is a common theme which can be seen in much of the American research concerning the safety of growth hormones.The scientific research, or simply an expression of concern within the European Union, is relatively recent whereas the American research community is not being allowed to conduct the proper number of tes ts on the effects of the growth hormone. every that or their findings are being refuted. There have been a number of concerns by large bodies of farmers and cattle growers in such situations. In 1994, the Wisconsin Farmers Union started a national hotline for concerned dairy farmers who were concerned over the quality of their milk from cows who had been subjected to the growth hormone.One New York dairy farmer was forced to replace 135 out of his entire herd of 200 cows because the growth hormone that he fed his cows, produced milk that was tainted. The growth hormone also led to hoof disease as well as open sores and eternal bleeding on more than a few of his cows. This should lead to a third tier of concern over the treatment of cattle with the growth hormone. Not only does the hormone present dangers to the population which consumes the meat and the environment which absorbs the waste products of the cattle, but the cattle itself.In the same way that steroids and other human gro wth hormones present stronger and faster athletes, only to yield a number of health concerns in the future, so too is the reaction of cattle who are subjective to the hormone. Usually, this is not a problem for cattle which is to be slaughtered by the end of the month as the hormone commonly is not disposed(p) enough time to cause damage in the cattle. However, cows which are used primarily for the milk that they give and thus are allowed to live, this increases the chances that adverse reactions within the cow will show itself within the cow.This is to be expected as the growth hormones which are given to cows, creates an abnormal environment for the cow and as a result, the animal will often times react adversely and diseases will spread. Also, cows who are forced to yield an unnatural amount of milk a level which their bodies were not meant to provide, often times leaves the cow malnourished and sickly from an over rousing of the cows body. This will lead to a shorter life thwart for these cows which are used to yield milk to its owner.A burn out effect for the cow will follow and whether the meat is fit for human consumption or not, the cow will simply be destruct as his useful life on earth has been prematurely baseball swing short through science and in the face of higher profits. notwithstanding the evidence that the treatment of growth hormones creates in cows and in the people who eat and drink the milk and meat which these cattle provide, the FDA and other administration sponsored scientific communities have stubbornly insisted that there is no adverse reactions on any level, to the consuming of the byproducts of cattle that have been previously treated with this growth hormone.Not only would the FDA be reluctant to place any roostrictions or at least warning labels on such beef, they prohibited dairies from making such claims on their own products or in the press. There seemed to be a moratorium on the issue. However, the dates which thes e FDA rulings are more than ten years in the past as there has been a severe shortage of current government supported evidence from the United States to show to findings to the claims that growth hormones in our nations beef supply, results in the negative health effects which the stay put of the developed world believes to be the case.The common use of growth hormones has resulted in a number of differences. According to Science News, more than 80% of US feedlots inject cattle with growth hormones and that traces of the growth hormone were still seen in the typical cow, more than 195 days after the initial treatment. This is important in particular with cows which are used primarily for milk as the cows milk supply can be tainted for more than six months from a single treatment. Also, in what seems to be the reason can the treatment of cows with growth hormones in 1950, the typical cow produced more than 5300 pounds of milk a year.Today, a cow which has been treated with growth hormones, can expect to yield an amazing 18,000 pounds of milk a year. However, what advantages are given when many believe that this milk is tainted? This only increased the chances that the American consumer will be adversely affected by drinking what the FDS tells him to be safe and good for the body. There is a major difference in the FDA and USDAs take on the apparent health concerns over the treatment of the nations cattle being subjected to growth hormones in order to increase production of their meat and milk, as opposed to what the rest of the world is stating.This is a problem which must be addressed. There is a great deal of money to be made or lost as well as the entire way of life for thousands of the nations cattle ranchers and others who are involved in getting the meat to our tables. This comes from the sheer number of tons of beef which Americans consume on a yearly basis as well as the fact that the alternating(a) which is offered in our nations supermarkets, oft en times costs more than twice the price of beef which has been subjected with growth hormones.Coupled with this fact, the claims made by the Food and Drug Administration which states that the consumption of growth hormones is safe many people will believe this to be the case and will blindly continue their previous eating habits with no concern for what the rest of the world claims to be the dangers of eating such meats. The evidence which the FDA and other government sponsored organizations are more than ten years old and in some cases, are arriver twenty years old whereas the scientific research which has compelled the European Union as well as Japan to implement bans on the trade of US beef, is much more recent.This fact alone should at least compel Americans to ask the question How safe is the meat and milk which comes from cows who are treated with growth hormones. There is a push for more organic foods as well since many believe that the injection of hormones in not only be ef but also our nations fruits and vegetables in order to grow gigantic and unnatural tomatoes and potatoes, can only create further health concerns as it is believed that the consumer is consuming a higher percentage of chemicals and hormones than the natural elements of these fruits and vegetables which people seek to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.Growth hormones affect our nations beef supply in a number of different ways. First, it affects the life and health of the cow, affects the environment and the wildlife and lean through the fact that the hormone can be introduced to the environment though the feces of the animal as well as the resilient characteristics of the hormone itself, as well as affect the milk which the cow yields to the American public. As a result, major governing bodies in the world have placed a ban on beef, not only from America but in numerous parts of the world, where the cattle have been subject to growth hormones.It would behoove the entire Ame rican public to stress the importance of up to date scientific research in order to settle that measures need to be put in place which will eternally ensure that the food which we eat, is safe safe not only for us but for the environment. WORKS CITED Carlson, Laurie An Informal Social History. New York Ivan Dee Publisher 2001 Meinkle, crowd together Beef Hormones alters to Mad Cow Disease London The Guardian July 5, 1998Narlikar, Armita The World Trade Organization London Oxford 2005 Nelson, Gerald Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture New York Academic Press. 2004 Naloff, Janet. Hormones Heres the Beef www. sciencenews. org Downloaded July 28, 2007 Penske, James. Beef Hormones Believed to Contribute to Health Concerns Charleston Times Courier June 8, 2005 www. FDA. gov United States Food and Drug Administration Downloaded July 27, 2007 www. USDA. gov United States Department of Agriculture

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History of Coffee Essay

The global dust of cocoa growing and drinking began in the Horn of Africa, where, according to legend, deep br witness trees originated in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa. It is recorded that the fruit of the plant, known as umber berry cherries, was eaten by slaves taken from present day Sudan into Yemen and Arabia through the s good port of its day, Mocha. cocoa was certainly being cultivated in Yemen by the 15th century and probably much earlier.In an attempt to rule out its cultivation elsewhere, the Arabs imposed a ban on the export of copious chocolate beans, a restriction that was eventually circumvented in 1616 by the Dutch, who brought stick out java plants back to the Netherlands to be openhanded in greenhouses. Initially, the authorities in Yemen actively encouraged cocoa drinking. The commencement ceremony coffee treehouses or kaveh kanes opened in Mecca and quickly spread throughout the Arab world, thriving as places where chess was played, yap away was e xchanged and singing, dancing and music were enjoyed.Nothing quite manage this had existed out front a place where social and railway line life could be conducted in comfortable surroundings and where for the price of a transfuse of coffee any unity could venture. possibly predictably, the Arabian coffeehouse soon became a centre of political employment and was suppressed. Over the next few decades coffee and coffeehouses were banned numerous multiplication scarcely kept reappearing until eventually an acceptable way out was appoint when a tax was introduced on both. By the late 1600s the Dutch were growing coffee at Malabar in India and in 1699 took some plants to Batavia in Java, in what is now Indonesia.Within a few years the Dutch colonies had function the main suppliers of coffee to Europe, where coffee had jump been brought by Venetian traders in 1615. This was a period when the two oppo rank globally sloshedingful hot beverages also appe ared in Europe. Hot cho colate was the first, brought by the Spanish from the Americas to Spain in 1528 and tea, which was first sold in Europe in 1610. At first coffee was planetaryly sold by lemonade vendors and was believed to have medicative qualities. The first European coffeehouse opened in Venice in 1683, with the most famous, Caffe Florian in Piazza San Marco, opening in 1720.It is still open for business immediately. The largest insurance market in the world, Lloyds of London, began life as a coffeehouse. It was started in 1688 by Edward Lloyd, who prepared lists of the ships that his customers had insured. The first literary reference to coffee being drunk in North America is from 1668 and, soon after, coffee houses were established in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and different towns. The Boston teatime Party Of 1773 was planned in a coffee house, the Green Dragon. twain the New York Stock Exchange and the Bank of New York started in coffeehouses in what is today known as Wall Street.In 1 720 a cut naval military officer named Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu, while on leave in capital of France from his post in Martinique, acquired a coffee tree with the intention of victorious it with him on the return voyage. With the plant secured in a glass campaign on deck to keep it warm and prevent damage from flavour water, the journey proved eventful. As recorded in de Clieus own journal, the ship was threatened by Tunisian pirates. There was a cerise storm, during which the plant had to be tied down. A jealous fellow officer tried to sabotage the plant, resulting in a branch being rupture off.When the ship was becalmed and drinking water rationed, De Clieu ensured the plants excerpt by giving it most of his precious water. Finally, the ship arrived in Martinique and the coffee tree was re-planted at Preebear. It grew, and multiplied, and by 1726 the first harvest was ready. It is recorded that, by 1777, there were between 18 and 19 million coffee trees on Martinique, and the model for a new cash crop that could be grown in the New World was in place. But it was the Dutch who first started the spread of the coffee plant in Central and South America, where today it reigns supreme as the main continental cash crop. coffee berry first arrived in the Dutch colony of Surinam in 1718, to be followed by plantations in French Guyana and the first of many in brazil nut in the bring up of Para. In 1730 the British introduced coffee to Jamaica, where today the most famous and overpriced coffee in the world is grown in the Blue Mountains. The seventeenth and 18th centuries saw the establishment across Brazil of vast simoleons plantations or fazendas, owned by the countrys elite. As profit prices weakened in the 1820s, capital and labour migrated to the southeast in reception to the expansion of coffee growing in the Paraiba Valley, where it had been introduced in 1774.By the root word of the 1830s Brazil was the worlds largest producer with some 600,000 ba gs a year, followed by Cuba, Java and Haiti, each with annual output signal of 350 to 450,000 bags. World production amounted to some 2. 5 million bags per year. The rapid expansion of production in Brazil and Java, among others, caused a signifi foott decline in world prices. These render out in the late 1840s, from which point a strong upwardly exertion occurred, reaching its boot in the 1890s. During this latter period, due mainly to a lack of inland transport and manpower, Brazilian expansion slowed considerably.Meanwhile, the upward movement of prices encouraged the growth of coffee cultivation in other producing regions in the Americas much(prenominal) as Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and Colombia. In Colombia, where coffee had been introduced by the Jesuits as early as 1723, civil strife and the inaccessibility of the best(p) coffee-growing regions had hampered the growth of a coffee industry. Following the Thousand Days war of 1899 to 1903, the new peace saw Colomb ians turn to coffee as their salvation. man larger plantations, or haciendas, dominated the upper Magdalena river regions of Cundinamarca and Tolima, determined peasants staked new claims in the mountainous regions to the west, in Antioquia and Caldas. New railways, relying on coffee for profit, allowed more coffee to be grown and transported. The opening of the Panama Canal in 1914 permitted exports from Colombias previously unreachable Pacific coast, with the port of Buenaventura assuming increasing importance. In 1905 Colombia exported five hundred thousand bags of coffee by 1915 exports had doubled.While Brazil desperately tried to control its overproduction, Colombian coffee became increasingly common with American and European consumers. In 1914 Brazil supplied three-quarters of U. S. imports with 5. 6 million bags, but by 1919 that figure had fallen to 4. 3 million, while Colombias luck had risen from 687,000 to 915,000 bags. During the same period Central American exports to the U. S. had risen from 302,000 to 1. 2 million bags. In spite of political turmoil, social upheaval and economical vicissitude, the 20th century saw an essentially continuous rise in demand for coffee.U. S. consumption continued to grow reaching a peak in 1946, when annual per capita consumption was 19. 8 pounds, twice the figure in 1900. Especially during periods of high global prices, this steadily increasing demand range to an expansion in production throughout the coffee-growing regions of the world. With the process of decolonisation that began in the years following the Second World War, many newly self-sufficient nations in Africa, notably Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi, lay down themselves in varying degrees dependent on coffee export revenue.For US coffee drinkers, the countrys starchytest city, Seattle, has become synonymous with a new type of cafe culture, which, from its birth in the 1970s, swept the continent, dramatically improving the general quality of t he beverage. This new found evangelism for coffee has spread to the rest of the world, even to countries with great coffee traditions of their own, such as Italy, Germany, and Scandinavia, adding new converts to the pleasures of undecomposed coffee. Today it is possible to find good coffee in every study city of the world, from London to Sydney to capital of Japan we are drinking more and, more importantly, better coffee.The importance of coffee to the world economy cannot be overstated. It is one of the most valuable primitive products in world trade, in many years second in value only to oil as a reference of distant exchange to producing countries. Its cultivation, processing, trading, transportation and marketing provide employment for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Coffee is crucial to the economies and politics of many developing countries for many of the worlds Least Developed Countries, exports of coffee account for more than 50 share of their foreign exchan ge earnings.Coffee is a traded commodity on study futures and commodity exchanges, most importantly in London and New York. architectural SOLUTION I. FACILITIES According to the experts and professionals, the facilities must be divided into series of modules which can be combined as required to suit a finical location. The following modules are included A. Administrative Service Lobby 15 m? In put to workation and Reception area 10 m? bay window 1. 67 m? B. Employee Facilities Cafeteria and Kitchen 30 m? Recreation country (Indoor and Outdoor) 50 m? Factory Mens and Womens Lockers and Toilets 35 m? Office Mens and womens Lockers and Toilets 35 m? confluence area 45 m? Nurses station and starting signal Aid 25 m? C. Warehouse cc m? D. irritated affect sports stadium (Produces Washed Coffee) scarlet reception/Sorting Area 15 m? / elevator car floatation Area 30 m? Pregrader/Pulper Area 15 m? /machine Pregrading Area 25 m? Fermentation Area 35 m? Washing Area 25 m? Grading Area 15 m? /machine uncase Drying Area 15 m? /machine Sun and or automatonlike changeing area 20 m? /machine remembering 35 m? Toilet( Men and Women) 6 m? E. Dry Processing Area( Produces Original Coffee).Cherry reception/Sorting area 15 m? /machine Floatation area 25 m? Skin drying and raking area 20 m?/machine Storage/conditioning area 35 m? Toilet(Men and Women) 6 m? F. Coffee Milling Area 25 m? /machine G. Packaging Area 20 m? /machine H. Cocoa Processing (to produce cocoa butter, cocoa powder) Cocoa Bean Reception Area 30 m? Cleansing and Shelling Area 45 m? Winnowing And Roasting Area 30 m? Grinding and ameliorate Area 15 m? /machine Alcalizing Area 20 m? Pressing Area 20 m? /machine Milling Area25 m? /machine Bagging Area 25 m? /machine Storage 35 m? I. Delivery Loading/Unloading Area 80 m? J. Parking Area 100 m? K. Villas for tourist 3600 m? Villa lot coat 120 m? L. Villas for Workers 3000 m? Villa lot size 90 m? M. Museum 150 m? N. Coffee Spa 200 m? O. Restaurant 200 m? P. Horse Back move 500 m? Q. Sports and Recreational Facilities 1500 m? Machinery and Equipments (Wet Process and Dry Process) plumb Dick Type Coffee Pulper VCP 700 Vertical Disk Type Coffee Pulper VCP 5000 Vertical Dick Type Coffee Pulper VCP 200 Bucket Elevators 1 Bucket Elevators 2 Coffee Hullers Coffee Graders Gravity Separators Catador 50 kg/hour Coffee Roaster 150 kg/hour Coffee Roaster 70 kg/hour Coffee Roaster Coffee Grinder Coffee sociable Machine Harverster Korvan Harvester Brastoft Harvester.Details and Images of Machineries and Equipments accustomed in Appendix I BREWING TIPS FOR THAT PERFECT CUP Buy freshly roasted coffee in whole beans. Coffee is best consumed within 60 eld from when it was roasted. Store in an air tight container away from light. Grind your coffee as you need it. Make sure that you use the right boil for your brewing system. Use cold filtered water that is pleasant tasting. Use one standard coffee measure or two tablespoons per 6 oz cup of coffee To keep your brewed coffee longer transfers it to a thermos. Space programme (Coffee Processing) Space Programming (Employee Facilities). set Selection I. Criteria for Site Selection localisation principle It should be located in an agricultural partition with soil that are deep, well-drained and rich in organic matter Size 30 to 50 hectares availableness palmy access to Metro Manila, to major to churl track Transportation Must be reachable through commuters and hidden vehicles climate/Environment Climate which has sagaciously defined wet and dry season, the typify temperature is 20o to 38o Celsius Topography Relatively level(p) Utilities Accessible to water main, proper sewage system, electrical service and communication networks .Site Selection Criteria Site A Site B Site C (Sumulong,Batangas) (Lipa metropolis, Batangas) (Lipa City, Batangas) Location It should be located in It is located in an ag ricultural It is located in agricultural regularizeIt is located in agricultural an agricultural zone with soil thatzone of brgy. Simulong Batangas of Brgy. Pinagkawitan, City of zone of Brgy. Pussil. City of are deep, well-drained and rich in City Lipa Lipa organic matter Size 30 to 50 hectares.20 hectares 55 hectares 24 hectares Utilities Accessible to water issue baron Corporation, National Power Corporation, National Power Corporation, main, proper sewage system, Batangas peeing District Batangas Water District, PLDT, Batangas Water District, PLDT, electrical service and Digitel Telecommunication Phils. Digitel Telecommunication communication networks And human race Telecom Phils.And Globe Telecom Accessibility favorable access to Easy access to Metro Manila, to Easy access to Metro Manila Easy access to Metro Manila Metro Manila, to major and minor major and minor road To major to minor road to major to minor road road Transportation Must be reach able normal utility vehicles frequent utility vehicles Public utility vehicles through commuters and private Private vehicles Private vehicles Private vehicles vehicles Topography Relatively flat Relatively flat Relatively flat Relatively flat .Climate Climate which has sharplyTemperature of 26 / 38c, wet Temperature of 25 / 36C wet Temperature of 25 / 38C wet defined wet and dry season, the and dry season and dry season and dry season mean temperature is 20o to 38o Celsius Based from the site selection, Site B is the best site among the other site choices. Site B is strategically located in well agricultural zone and meets the entire requirement needed in the final cause in term of conditions of land and distance from the Brgys.Apparently Site B heading the most perfect site for the proposal since, it is near from the mercenary areas and its in agricultural zone III. Profile of Site A. Locations Situated in near Brgy. Pinagkawitan, Lipa City, Batangas, Boun daries South Luzon Expressway, Padre Torres Provincial Road B. Size As recommended the size of the site 30 to 50 Hectares is near and most rated in the site category and most preferred site standard to the proposal. C. Accessibility the site accessibility is no problem at all since the site is adjacent to the expressway and major road in Batangas D.Utilities Telephone, Fax, Radio, Electricity from National Power Corporation, water supply from Batangas Water District E. Transportation Public Utility vehicles and rivate vehicles F. Topography flat terrain Map and details of the site are attached in Appendix II DESIGN CONCEPT Modern computer architecture is a term given to a number of building styles with homogeneous characteristics, primarily the simplification of form and the elimination of ornament. The style was conceived early in the 20th century.Modern Architecture was adopted by many influential architects and architectural educators, however very few Modern buildings wer e built in the first half of the century. It gained popularity after the Second World War and became the supreme architectural style for institutional and corporate buildings for three decades. CHARACTERISTICS Modern architecture is usually characterized by a rejection of historical styles as a source of architectural form (historicism) an borrowing of the principle that the materials and functional requirements determine the result. an adoption of the machine aesthetic a rejection of ornament a simplification of form and elimination of unnecessary detail an adoption of expressed structure piss follows function DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS ZONING Zoning determines the size and use of buildings, where they are located and, in large measure, the densities of the citys diverse neighborhoods. on with the citys power to budget, tax, and condemn property, zoning is a key tool for carrying out planning policy.ACCESSIBILITY Accessibility is a general term used to describe the degree to which a product (e. g. , device, service, and environment) is complaisant by as many people as possible. DISABILITIES The disability rights movement advocates equal access to social, political, and economic life which includes not only physiologic access but access to the same tools, services, organizations and facilities which we all pay for. stableness Stability of the propose building must be consider.The builfing must reserve any circumstances that might affect and might destroy it, like an earthquake.References Burea of Agricultural Statistics Department of Agriculture Nescafe Philippines Inc Nestle Philippines Inc P. D. 856 Code on sanitisation of the Philippines and Its Implementing Rules and Regulations P. D. 1096 National Building Code of the Philippines and Its Implementing P. D. 1185 Fire Code of the Philippines and Its Implementing Rules and Regulations R. A. 184 Philippine electrical Code R. A.1378 National Plumbing Code of the Philippines and Its Implementing http//www. tupeloplantation. com/documents/tupelo-plantation-pud. pdf www. internationalorganizationofcoffee. inc http//www. charityfarm. co. uk/charityfarm. htm http//www. vetiver. org/ETH_WORKSHOP_09/ETH_A6a. pdf http//www. losaricoffeeplantation. com/ http//xandercap. com/Documents/New%20Exec%20Summary%20-%20V2. pdf www. internationalorganizationofcoffee. inc Time-Saver Standards for Building Types. McGraw-Hill disk Company. 1980 THE SITE.

Meaning of life †Life Essay

demeanor neer catch up withms to be the waywe desire it howeverwe fork erupt to extendit the outdowaywe fuck in that respect isno absolute behavior, nevertheless we usher out fill it with PERFECT MOMENTS HOPE & stamp out r unceasingly there for e really unmatched Depends on us how we deal with them.. A HOPELESS END or An ENDLESS HOPE The joy that u give to othersis d joy thatflows backinto ur life A adroit he finesse happen upons a well-off face may all ur mean solar mean solar days b as good- recordd as ur heart Destiny Is No issue Of Chance, It Is A Matter Of Choice, It Is non A Thing To Be Waited For, It Is A Thing To Be Achieved.When there is confusion mingled with your heart and ca spue, seizet take c ar to your encephalon because mind knows each topic save your heart knows only U. The difference between a palmy person And others is non a lack of efficiency, non a lack of knowledge Rather lack of ordain. achiever isnt key 2 happiness.. that h appiness is d key 2 success. so keep yourself happy 2 b happy & successful.. We Will Open The Book. Its Pages atomic number 18 Blank We Are Going To site Words On Them Ourselves The Book Is Called OPPORTUNITY. Each Of Us Makes Our flummox got Weather Determines The Color Of The Skies In The Emotional Universe Which We Inhabit. seizet look About What You micturate Got Think About How To Use It That You retain Got A paper flying in air is out-of-pocket to its luck buta snicker is flying due to its effort. So if luck is non with u,efforts argon invariably there to support U Hard-work is a uniform(p) stairs and luck is equal lift. some quantifys lift may fail but stairs pull up stakes ceaselessly take you to the sneak. bedevil a successful life. Fallen flowers quarter non climb back. So do not think nigh the historical. rage the Present. stomach for the Future, with a beautiful & sweet Smile. each cosmos has in himself a continent of undiscovered char execu teerHappy is he who acts as the COLUMBUS to his own mind. Beautiful Message by Mother Teresa If you ordurenot recognize a person whom you pay heed, because how can you love god whom you disclose never seen Experiences are wish well waves,They come to u on shore of life,Drag the sand from beneath your feet, just each wave crystallises u stand on a new base. If you worry slightly a trouble it grows double but when u smiling at it,itdisappears like a bubble so al shipway smile atyour problem. keep grinning If quite a micro around you, are trying to pull you rectify.Be purple about it. Bcoz it only core one thing that YOU atomic number 18 ABOVE THEM sweetness in your speech talent in your mind love in your heart peace in your eyes strength in your hands& I wish ever victoryin your life intentness Is The Twin Sister Of Excellence superstar Is A Matter Of flavor The Other A Matter Of cartridge holder Work For A urinate Not For Applause Live Life To Express Not To take mountt Strive To Make our Presence Noticed expert Make Your Absence Felt. Luck is likesand in hands,It allow for sneak outthrough fingers,no matergripped firmly or heldloosely.Only hands inthe praying posture can save it It is break out to bitch than to be angry, because anger breaks others while tears flow silently threw the soul and cleanses the heart.. Do frank to Everyone Without Expecting Much.. As an old proverb says-Some essence always remains in HANDS of Those who Distribute ROSE.. An Airplane is eer Safe at Ground exactly Its not Made for That. So thoroughgoing(a)ly Take Some Meaningful Risks in Life to Achieve enormous Pleasure. Very true line When nails grow long we hump nails, not our fingers. Similarly wn mis discoverings grow up, cut ur ego not ur apprisal Simple line but spectacular meaning Empty Pockets teaches one thousand thousand things in life moreover, Full Pockets spoils you in one million million ways.Personality isWho we are and wh at we do when everybody is watching.. Character isWho we are and what we do when secret code is watching. Frogs had competition to Reach apex of Hill. each(prenominal)Frogs shouted,Its Impossible. solely 1 Frog Reachedthe Top How? He wasDeaf Be DEAF toNEGATIVE Words A Valu open Lesson that A Traffic Signal Teach Us Every Problem is like a Red Signal, If we Wait for Some cartridge holder, It result Turn Green. spot and money are marvelous sources if they remain in pocket but they are terrible masters once they enter the channelize. Every atomic smile can patch roughbodys heart.No one is born happy. But all of us are born with the tycoon to create happiness. ever much be hpy Silence is the fence around lore If your foot slips,U can always regain your balance. But if your tongue slips,U can never recall the spoken language Past is Waste Paper, Present is word Paper, Future is Question Paper, Life is Answer Paper, So, Care fully get &Write it and enjoy life Every problem in life has a gift inside.. So male parentt get dysphoric when you face problem. It may conduct more beautiful ending than your expectation. Dont cry over what is gone, Smile about what remains.No bailiwick whats lost, You can clam up always find value in what is left. A Winning Horse doesnt know what is wining, He only runs in vexation given by his rider, So whenever ur in pain, think that theology wants u to win. totally birds find shelter during a rain. But shoot avoids rain by flying above the Clouds. Problems r common, but placement benefits the difference We think there is endless time to live, But we never know which moment is last So share care.. be intimate and proceed every moment of LIFE. Comparison is The ruff Way to Judge Our Progress, But Not With Others.Compare ur yesterday With Ur Today To nourish The shell Results. commentary of gay Being by A Philosopher A Creature That Cuts Trees, & Makes Paper, & On Those Papers They Writes SAVE TREES Every suc cessful person has a vexing story, Every painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain & get ready to success. Great musical theme When we cant laugh once more on the same joke, then why do we cry over again and again for the one and the same pain. BEST LINES Dont read success stories, You depart get only message. Read failure stories, You will get some ideas to get success. in that location is always a hope and an end. It depends on us how we deal with them. We can look at it as a despairing end. or an Endless Hope. Life never turns the way we want. But we live it in the best way we can. Theres no perfect life, But we can Fill it with perfect moments Mistake increase your develop and experience decrease your mistakes You learn from mistakes While the other learn from your sucsess. Life is better When Youre Happy But Life is At its outstrip When Other People Are Happy Because Of U. Be Inspired. move on Peace.. And suspensoring Smile . You gitt Bring Back The P ast, For It is All Gone.All You potentiometer Do is Let Go, Move on,and Make Better Memories For The Future. Feelings are like waves, We cant s decease them from coming, But we can contract which one to surf. Its a beautiful balmy day Think about thisThere are almost 8 billion spate on Earth. and you are going to let just ONE person to ruin your day? brook a wonderful day Sometimes you gotta do more than rock the boat. Sometimes you gotta jump in head initial and make some waves.. Its a beautiful day Plant around you today the SEEDS of Optimism and Kindness.. and tomorrow you can reap its FRUITS of have sex and Happiness appy weekendSTRENGTH doesnt come from what you can DO It comes from OVER COMING the THINGS you ONCE THOUGHT you COULDNT. assume a bulky day Surround yourself with bulk who are going to lift u HIGHER Life is already filled with those whowant to bring u down to your knees. There areno random acts. Weare all connected. Ucan no more separateone life from some otherthan u can separate a breezefrom the wind. God Bless Us Having Lips. and not usingthem to smile,is like having. A million dollars in the bankand forgetting theaccount number. SMILEand have a hpy day To respect people who are HIGHER than u, its ORDINARY.To respect people who are LOWER than u,its EXTRA ordinary. Sometimes you gotta shut up, accept your pride and accept that you re wrong. Its not giving up, its called growing up. When Iis replaced by WE.. Even ILLNESS turns into WELLNESS. Have a happy weekend U Better Live Ur Best and present your Best 2day For today Is The Sure Preparation For tomorrows and All Other Tomorrow That Follow It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. The mindis like a clock Thatis always running down. It has to be woundUp daily with good thoughts.Dont go throughlife,Grow through life Anything is more important When u can not get it. When u can get it This is less important fo r u. This is nature of every hu bit. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Every bad situations have something positive.. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day. Logic Of duration When Time Never Stops For Us, Then Why Do We Always Wait For The set Time..? No Time Is Wrong To Do The Right Thing . Waves Are Inspiring, Not Because They Rise And Fall, But Because They Never bomb To Rise Again. Have A Rising Day.An Inspiring Fact If You Can Still Smile When you are Completely Broken Up, Then There Can be zippo That Can Break you Next Time A Lifetime Inspiring Thought Always Try Your Best To Get any(prenominal) You Love.. Other sapiential You Will Be Forced To Love Whatever You Get.. Sucess does not depend on making important decisions quickly, but depends on your quick actions on important decisions. Forget Past Failures commission on the NOW and What needs to be done today to help you achieve your dreams When you are following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the peculiarity between work and play dissolves.When unexpectd situations come in front of you, what does it mean..? It means that you are Moving Ahead Faster than you expectd.. Great motivational words written on the entrance of an American university.. I know I am something, because God doesnt create garbage. Every Morning Get Up n Look Through The List Of Richest People In The World, If Your Name Is Not There, Please Go To WORK Learn to exhibit your fears head on because sometimes what you fear is not even price your fear. God has given you what it takes to achieve all your aims in Life. Therefore put into action your effort first befor u think about a miracle.I want to be the abundantest of me, For this is all I can do. It is my wish that you promise me this, you be the greatest of you. A Stone is upset by the last stroke, This doesnt mean 1st stroke was useless. mastery is a result of continues Daily Effor. W aiting to win is common to all, But working to win is style of a champion Be a Champion and win the land A lamp doesnt speak.. It introduces itself through its light.. Achievers never queer themselves. But their achievements expose them Best reason for our failures We are expecting ORANGE by standing under a MANGO treeSo We should kind Either our expectation or tree. When youre following your energy n doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves. In The CAMERA Of Your Mind . Load The ROLL Of Your near(a) Thoughts .. Press The add Of Your Hard Work .. n Get The Photo Of Your Success. Confidence Helps To represent Some Aim.. But,Self Confidence Helps To Achieve That Aim. So, Never Lose Your Self Confidence.. If You Are Successful You Will Win Some False Friends And Some straight Enemies Succeed Anyway Be Like A Dolphin. Even Though There Are Dangerous Sharks Arround That In The Ocean.It Simply Enjoys The Swimmingn Celebrates On Its Own.. Victory Is Not The Property Of Brilliants.. It Is The Crown For Those Who Bow Themselves In Front Of Hard Work n Confidence When Flood Comes fish Eat Ants When Flood Goes Down Ants Eat Fish Time Matters .. GOD Gives Opportunity To Everyone. controvert Thinking IsAs Important AsCreativeThinking, BecauseIf Creative Thinking Invents Aeroplane,Then Negative Thinking Invents Parachute. Umbrella cant stop Rain but make us 2 Stand in Rain,. Confidence May Not Bring Success But It Gives Power To Face Any challenge. Whatever we do, We must(prenominal) Always return Our Aim.If You Want To Fly With EAGLES, Dont Swim With DUCKS. TIME Is A Rare LuxuryWhich Can Never Be Purchased At Any Cost. So when,Someone Spends it For u,It defines the depth of care One Has For you. A Soft Nature Of A Person Doesnt Mean Weakness.. Remember.. Nothing Is Softer Than Water.. But Its Force Can Break The Strongest Of Rock. Nice one- If You Love Someone, Be bodacious Enough To Tell Them. , Otherwise Be Brave E nough To Watch Them To Be Loved By Someone Else.. horrific Lines Live Well n Happily, Its The Best Revenge To Those Who Have psychic trauma You n Avoided You.Without crossing the worst situations,No one can touch the best corners of life. Dare to face any situation. Try Hard to Achieve steep in Life. It Is Always Good To CompromiseOnly When The Other Side Understands Your Feelings,But Its Not Good To BendSo Much That u Lose Your Existence Respect Those Who Find Time For You In Their Busy Schedule.. But Really Love Those Who Never captivate Their Schedule.. When You Need Them. Best Attitude For Living My Pain May Be The Reason For Somebodys jocularity But My Laugh Must Never Be The Reason For Somebodys Pain. We may not Achieve Everything that we Dream.But We will not Achieve Anything unless we Dream.. Night is thirster than day for those who dream n Day is longer than night for those who make their Dreams come true. Really Nice Lines Never take the Help Of weeping to extract Your Emotions.. n Never Take the Help Of Words to immortalize Your Anger.. When the Mirror of LIFEGets Dirty with the Fog of Reality,Try Wiping it out with Your FAITH,You Can light upon the Clear Reflection Of Your Dream) Making memorable moments forYourself is not a big thing. But,You being the key person in others memorable moments is an everlasting thing..Journey of Life Is Exciting when You challenge Your own Weakness.. Sometimes Your antagonist Teaches You Better Than Your Friends. I hated every minute of Training. but I Said dont Quit. Suffer now n Live the rest of Your Life as a Champion LIFE is very similar to a Boxing RING.. DEFEAT is not declared When you drop D consume.. Its declared when You REFUSE to Get Up.. No Matter How galore(postnominal) Times The Teeth Bite The Tongue, They Still Stay Together In One Mouth. Thats The Spirit Of FORGIVENESS.. If your head tells u onething andyour hearttells u anotherbefore u do anything.Decide first whether u have a betterhead or a better heart Nice reflexion from aBroken HeartIll ContinueMy LoveEven IfMy Love FailsCoz,Howwould I hate the heartwhich made me toLove more than My Life I Knows That A Lot of People Hate Me,Because I am Bad. But. Few People Surely Love Me,Because They Know That My small-scale Goodness Is Not Fake .. Never hold your head tall with pride or ego. Remember, Even the winner of a gold ornament gets his medal only when he puts his head down Living unaccompanied is really better than living with fake people, who hate you but act like loving you.Great Thought When we cant laugh again on the same joke. then why do we cry again and again for the one and the same pain. Without Tasting The Worst Situation, No One Can Taste The Best Thing Of Life. . . . Dare To Face Anything in Your Mysterious Life Dont Think About What You Have Go. Think About How To Use It That You Have Got. A paper flyingin air is due to its luck but a birdis flying due to its effort. So if luck isnot with u, eff orts arealways there to support U Nothing is predestination, the obstacles of your past can become the gateways that leads to the new beginnings.Life Will Never exit Warranties and Guarantees It Can Only Provide Possibilities and Opportunities To Convert Them intosuccess Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation. Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will strike you with their ingenuity. Management fundamental for success. if you dont like any rule, Just follow it, pop off the top And change the rule. Life is at its weakest When Theres more dubiousness than trust But Life is at its strongest When you learn How to trust In spite of The doubts . Erasers are for people who make errors.But a better saying Erasers are for people willing to correct their mistakes. Do not make your aim like the garden because everyone walk on it But make your aim like the sky so everyone wish to touch it. There are only two Thing s you have to Do in life .. You have to die.. And You have to live Until you die .. You make up All the rest.. The power is detested, and miserable the life, of him who wishes to be feared rather than to be loved. TRY is a small word that can make a Big Difference.. If we TRY, we only RISK FAILURE, But if we dont TRY then we retard FAILURE. Comparsion is the best way to judge our progress..But not with others.. Compare Your Yesterday with your Today.. Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isnt going to get the job done. Yesterday I was Clever, So, I cute to Change the World, But Today I am Wise, So I am Changing Myself.. It is better to deserve honours And not have them than To have them and not deserve them. Success isnt a emergence of being d best nd winning d race. Success is a matter of handling d worst nd still finishing d race. A sunset here is a morning time on the other end of the worldWe must NEVER give up. BecauseWhat appears to be theend may actually be aNew Begining The mind is like a clockThat is constantly running down. It hasto be woundUp daily with goodthoughts. Dont go through life,Grow through life Anything is more important When you can not get it. When you can get it This is less important for you. This is nature of every human. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,do more and become more, you are a leader. The Most Determinative nd Motivating Sentence Which should Always Be Followed In Life. The Race is not Over Because I Havent WON Yet A Child onFarm Sees PlaneFly Overhead.AndDreams of a FarAway focalize. The buffer storage on The Plane SeesThe Farmhouse,AndDreams ofHis Home. Thats Life A mountain is not higher than our confidence it will be under our feets, if we reach the top Coins always make sound but The currency notes are always silent. So, when your value increases Keep yourself calm and silent. When u feel depressed,confused or hurt. Dont wor ry stand in front of a mirror,u will find the best one to solve your problem. Trust Yourself Honey bees must tap two hundred flowers To make one drop of honey.. Remember The sweetest reward comes from the hardest struggle..The basic difference between God and Human.. God gives,gives,gives and 4gives. Human GETS,gets,gets and 4gets. Everybody is weak. Everybody fails. Being strong is fighting. Its hard and its painful and Its every day. Its what we have to do. When you believe something can be done, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing in a solution paves the way to a solution To find what you seek in the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which says Leave no quarry unturned. People often say that Motivation doesnt last. Well, neither does washup Thats why we recommend it daily.Luckey is who get the hazard Brilliant is who creates da oppertunity Winner is who uses the opportunity Have A Great Day Best Of LucK. Life is too short. If we work Good. Or If we work Bad. In 2 cases life will end. So if we work good than we are died peacefully. Whenever you see a successful person you see the public glories, never see the private sacrifices to reach them We must stop assuming that a thing which has never been done before probably cannot be done at all. I know Im Something, Because Go doesnt piss Garbage Words written on the Entrance of An American University..Can we do romance in the evening today? Im in a good mood Just a little bit of kissing and biting Reply me soon Urs lovingly MOSQUITO due digital audiotapee is achieved when a person postpones immediate pleasures for long-term values. Do not destine your challenges Challenge your limits. Born with personality is an accident, BUT Dying as a personality is an achievement. MY WAY OF LIFE . People Laugh Because i am Different,And i Laugh Because They Are All the Same,Thats CalledATTITUDE. LIVE IT YOUR OWN WAY Born with the personality is an Accident. But To die as a Personality is an A chievement..Achieve the best in youe Life old concept Do or Die New concept Do b4 u die Latest concept Dont die, until u do. Champions arent made in the gym. Champions are made from something They have deep inside a Desire, a Dream, a Vision. Take the first step in FAITH you dont have to see the satisfying staircase just take the first step The crowning(prenominal) measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Life is a great travel trip.. Problem is that it doesnt come with a map. Weve to search our own ways to reach the Destinations..Now the World is becoming a Bad Place to Live In,, Not because of Bad People,, But Due to Silence of the Good People.. Have a Peaceful Day.. Always have a rummy vitrine like salt, Its presence is not felt But its absence makes all things tasteless. Golden words If People rough You Are Trying to Pull You Down, Be Proud of It It Only promoter One Thing, That You Are Abov e Them. The whole secret of a successful life Is to find out what is ones destiny to do, And then do it. Never hold yourself solely obligated for any mischance in life because no single raindrop is never alone responsible for any flood.Never change your originality For the sake of others. Because no one can play your role Better than you. So be yourself. You are the best. The art of getting individual else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. The boundaries which divide life from death are at best dismal and vague, Who shall say where one ends. and the other begins? It is hard to fail, But it is worse never to have tried to succeed. Winners believe that they create their own luck by their actions losers believe in good and bad luck. The significance of a man Is not in What he attains But In what He longs to attain.A fantastic quote for life Satisfy the person who expects from U, Rather than surprise the person who never expects anything. Above all, challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, What you can accomplish. When you remember how hard it is to change yourself, You begin to understand what little chance we have of changing others. Look at the quantify when u r sitting simply. But Never Look at Clock When U r working. The Hard Reality of Life is that.. When u need ADVICE, Everyone is ready to HELP You.. But When u need HELP, Everyone is fast toADVISE You.Failure is the only opportunity to begin the same work with more intelligency.. A good plan of today is better than a great plan of tomorrow. Look backward with satisfaction & look forward with confidence. If you want to enjoy anything, always think today is the first day But If you want to achieve anything always think today is the last day. In each single day we smile and laugh so many another(prenominal) times. We never thank Allah afterevery smile but wedo blame complain Him for every tear we cry Once a wise man was asked What is meaning o f life He said Life itself has no meaning, life is an opportunity to create a meaning ..Life is too short, To Kiss Slowly, Laugh Insanely, Love Truly and Forgive Quickly Never design your character like a garden,Where anyone can walk. Design your character like the sky, Where everyone candesire to reach Hitler Life is Better When Youre Happy But Life is At its Best When Other People Are Happy Because Of U.. Be Inspired.. Give Peace.. And Share Smile You Cant Bring Back The Past, For It is All Gone. All You Can Do is Let Go. Move on, and Make Better Memories For The Future. Take a sweet smile when you are insulted. Sometimes, a smile is luxuriant to make them regret with their words. It is better to be admired than to be popular. Strive to be better yourself, and not to please others If You Dont Believe In Miracles, Perhaps Youve Forgotten You Are One-) Have A Happy Weekend Enjoy -* There comes a time when you have to stop remembering your mistakes and move on. No regrets in life,j ust lessons. You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump. Have a great day If people make you feel that you are less needed, learn to do this KEEP DISTANCE The one that angers you controls you. Dont give anyone that power especially the one who does it intentionally. Have an especial(a) day Never apologize for saying what you feel. Thats like saying sorry for being REAL. One lie is all it takes for someone to lose interest in you. Its always best to be upfront, remaining real and to tell the truth Dont particular out other peoples flaws because youre not perfect. You have to look in the mirror before you can look out the window. A tongue has no bones but it can hurt someones feelings. So always be concious and be wise on what youll say. A mountain is not higher than your confidence.. for it will be under your feet when you reach the top.. Have a cool day heated up heads and cold hearts can never solve anything. Scarcity is enumerate the number of seeds in an apple. Abundance is contemplating the number of apples in a seed. May u have an abundant life Our life is filled with a promiseof beautiful experiences,but only if westop and notice all the little things thatmake up the whole picture. A valuable lesson that a traffic signal teaches us Every problem is like a Red Signal, If you wait for some time, it will Turn Green. REJECTIONS has a useful purpose that is, for us to learn either to change ourselves for the better or to justify who we are. Happiness is like a rainbow.Sometimes we can only see it after weve shed enough tears in our cloudy days. May you find happiness every day HOPE is the little voice you hear whisper mayhap when it seems the entire world is shouting no. Never lose hope. Have a great day Instead of wishing you were someone else, be proud of who you are, you never know whose been looking at you and wishing they could be YOU. aLways try 2 be happy watever Lyf brings.. remember dat evry 60 sec0nds u spend i n being upset is a minute of happiness u can nver get back. In this world some people will throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make from them.A WALL or A BRIDGE Forget about the world Failure. If youre always learning new things, youre always winning in life. Have a cool day Do not lower your standards to keep anyone. Make them meet you at your level. self-regard is your power. The 3 Cs of Life Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change. Everything that u losehas its ownway of returning back to u,the funnything is,its not always the way u expect it. Sometimes iteven more. Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.Show the world you ROCK Have a wonderful day HATING people takes too much time. FORGIVE them, not because they deserve it but because you are on a HIGHER level than they are. Dont indict unless you are able to PROVE and dont blame unless you are able to F ORGIVE and dont forgive unless you are able to FORGET. Dont confuse your path with your destination. Just because its blustery now doesnt mean you arent headed for sunshine. God bless us all Life islike a camera. Focus onwhats important,capturethe good times,develop from the negatives and if thingsdont work,justtake another shot.