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Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus (750 words) Essay

Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus (750 words) - Essay ExampleTherefore Emmas difficult experiences lent depth and government agency to all her writings.Emmas complicated identity was therefore a barrier that obscured her place in American culture. Her turbulent upbringing lent an appropriate ground for her bold, powerful and inspiring essays and poetry protesting against the rise of anti Semitism in the country. Even before the title of Zionist had been coined, Emma passionately called upon the Jews to unite and build a mother country in Palestine.Emma Lazarus historical poem, The Colossus written in 1883, gave to the Americans a credo that was praised and cherished for so many years. The words Give me your tired, your poor, your flock masses yearning to breathe free... (Emma Lazarus, The Colossus, 1883) are a part of the beautiful poem that was engraved on a huge bronze plaque that is hung in the Statue of Liberty Museum after about 20 years after she was laid to rest.She had writ ten this poem for fundraising for the pedestal of the Liberty Statue. She lived a life of isolation and dedicate all her time and energy to writing. She became ill with the terrible disease of cancer and passed away in 1887.Twenty years later, in 1903, this bronze plaque passenger car Emmas sonnet was presented by philanthropist Georgiana Schuyler and was placed on the interior wall of The Statue of Libertys pedestal. Then again it was removed and was mounted in the Liberty exhibit at the base of the monument.Many different themes are reflected in Emmas sonnet, The Colossus some of which are Liberty, Patriotism and courage. Many of the irrelevant ideals and identities that Emma dealt with in her own life are reflected or echoed through her sonnet.

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Using Borrowed Material Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Using Borrowed Material - Essay ExampleCopyright material provides some rights to the person acquiring the licence under copyright laws. The material that is authorized to the person who owns it has the authority to permit or stop others from using it. It is an apt property of the original owner and permission must be obtained onwards using that material for any purpose regardless of the issues relating to its use e.g. urgency, relevance or compulsion. The case in question relates to the use of copyrighted pictures without previous permission and provides an evaluation of alternative choice that was available and more appropriate. In the scenario in question, there are a few f wagers that are relevant to the act done by Sam Jones. The decision of Sam Jones to use copyrighted material was not an independent factor for using it. Time constraints also direct him to use the material without prior permission. Time limitation was the greatest fact that led to such a step. In addition, the scenario clearly explains the pressure and compulsion on him to do this unethical and undesirable activity of using copyrighted material without prior permission of the original owner of the photos. Copyrighted material is basically an intellectual property of the original owner of the material published. The copyright laws are connected to the copyrighted material and require every person to take permission before anyone uses the copyrighted material. Prior permission to use the copyrighted material is mandatory or else the use of such material will be held liable for misdemeanor (Zimberoff, 2002 p. 188-192). The problem in the above scenario is hence the credibility of the action done by Sam Jones. Was it reasonable and fair to use the material without obtaining permission beforehand? Was it a nice idea to contact the owner of the copyrighted material after using the material?

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Fundamental concepts of managerial economics Assignment - 1

Fundamental concepts of managerial economics - Assignment ExampleChanges in the price (P) of the good or service will result only in movement along the demand curve, whereas changes in any of the opposite demand determinants in the demand function (PS, PC, Y, A, AC, N, CP, PE, and so on) shift the demand curve.When two goods be substitutes, such as Chevy-volt and Toyota Prius, an increase in the price of Chevy-volt, results in an increase in the quantity demanded of Toyota Prius, holding other factors constant, such as the price of Toyota Prius, other prices, income, and so on, or vice versa.The price of a gallon of regular octane gasoline skyrocketed from $3.00 per gallon to $4.10. The previous summer, when gas prices had hovered around $3 per gallon, Americans had cut spikelet only slightly on non-essential driving. In the summer of 2008, with regular gasoline at $4.10 per gallon, not only summer driving vacations but urban exchange itself changed in extraordinary ways. Overall , customer demand by the typical two-person urban household shrank from 16 gallons per week to 11.5 gallons.Faced with $4.10 per gallon gasoline, as ExxonMobil and Shell seek to recover their extraordinary input costs for crude, American consumers decided to vacate their SUVs, join carpools, and ride the buses and trains to work. Urban mass transit system ridership shot up 20 percent in a matter of months. Other Americans purchased fuel efficient hybrids like the Toyota Prius. Several determinants of demand and supply were identified as come-at-able explanations for the spike in gasolines equilibrium market price. This because lead to the decreases in the demand for SUVs to a point that the Enterprise Rental railroad car Co. charged various models of rental cars such as SUVs at $37 on one-day return while the subcompacts were charged at $41 on one-day return. This therefore led to the decline in the equilibrium price of SUVs.Cash flows of investment A have a larger coefficient of variation (0.80) than do cash flows of Investment B (0.50) therefore,

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Cybersecurity Incident Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Cyber security system Incident - Research Paper ExampleTherefore, ensuring that all the stored data is secure and not accessible to everyone has become a prerequisite to closely everyone using the cyber systems to protect their data. The kinds of security incidents range from being minor invasion of a small virus into the information processing system networks to the major threat on the concealment of the data available on the networks because of a much powerful and destructive virus attacking the softw ares. In all these cases, strict check and reporting of the cyber incidents are mandatory (Shaw, 2006, p 461). One of such cyber security threats that have come up in the recent years includes the Stuxnet Virus. The Stuxnet Virus (Natarajan et al, 2011) was detected in the mid(prenominal) of 2010, this was a Windows computer worm that attacked industrial software products and equipments. Computer worm is a computer program that produces various copies of itself, and through the help of the targeted computer network, it attacks other computers also in the same network (Natarajan et al, 2011). Computer worms can attack a number of computer softwares in the same network without any sort of user intermediation due to poor security systems of the targeted computers (Gingrich, 2011, pp 333). ... Moreover, Stuxnet was also the first computer breach to have a programmable logic controller (PLC) software root outfit (Shaw, 2006) functioning with itself. The Stuxnet worm at first randomly attacks any software but then its specially designed pestware payload aids in aiming at only Siemens and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) softwares (Shaw, 2006). Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) (Shaw, 2006) makes reference to industrial control systems that are computer systems, which look after plus regulate crucial industrial, infrastructural, or facility-based actions. Stuxnet corrupts programmable logic controller softwares by destroying the Step- 7 software application (Shaw, 2006) operated to make schemes of the devices in operation. This hinders the softwares from working decently and affects the aimed softwares greatly. In contrast to most of the malware softwares, Stuxnet (Shaw, 2006) does not do much damage to the computers and networks that do not need the downright requirements of the targeted softwares that are set. Instead, it is technically designed software only attacks the networks and computers that stand up to the requirements configured into them. Although the Stuxnet worm attacks and destroys computers and networks without fail, it automatically makes itself inactive if the Siemens softwares are not detected on the invaded computers, this makes the attacking of the softwares very very(prenominal) and only the sought after networks and computers and affected. Stuxnet worms (Shaw, 2006) can be apocalyptical for the infected computers Stuxnet embodies self-protection shields within itself that curbs the attack ed computers from transmitting the virus to more than three computers, moreover, it also weakens the security systems in

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International Law as a Substantive Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

multinational Law as a Substantive Law - set about ExampleThey have been active for long enough and are administering over the peace, smooth operation of activities and other political activities monitoring and facilitating the member countries.The overall exploit of international law and the organs sanctioned under itThere are number of positives that can be attributed to the existence and working of international law. This comes in take a shit of the prevention of the Third World war. Since the horrific event of Hiroshima, Nagasaki the world has been protected from the outbreak of each nuclear war. This can be attributed to the entity of United Nations and the work of International law.Apart from this the entity of United Nations organization have intervened time and again to prevent further escalation of circumstances and scenarios in different parts of the world. The presence of U.N peace keeping crowd is another area that speaks of the effective presence of the global enti ty of United Nations.The case of Yugoslavia and U.NYugoslavia saw one of the most barbaric event of history since the end of bit World War. It was engulfed into a war within. The nature of the war was ethnic in nature and the subjects were being persecuted. United Nations organization as the rightful owner and guardian of the humanity and mankind rose to the occasion and took notice of the events that were taking place there. It dispatched United Nations peacekeeping force that was sent for purpose of restoring peace and protecting any further escalation of the situation.

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Buisness law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Buisness law - Essay ExampleThe government economy is also socialism. It endeavors to campaign equality among the public by providing them with standardized social benefits like education and health care. In both systems, the public does not have equal annoy to wealth and resources.It is easy to call a constitution capitalist or socialist but harder to justify why because capitalism is the opposite of socialism. A policy like wealth cannot be multiplied by dividing it since it is hard to justify it as capitalist or socialist. Mandatory health care coverage is capitalism. Capitalisms core group reason is more money and high profits. It pays its workers according to productivity and requires undisrupted operations, thus health assurance will be necessary. The video is emphasizing on the importance of having personal values as a leader. The values govern how people act and are foundations of how they should behave. They give people guidelines and direct behaviors. Action does not see what is termed as values. Values in general are fences that should surround the judgment that we

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Hermeneutical Circle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Hermeneutical Circle - Essay ExampleThe meaning may be open-ended, but the particular text that is being considered is a close-ended circle because of the self-referentiality of individual part and whole (Jasper, 2004).Christianity is based upon a number of tenets, including the idea, at least deep down the Protestant faiths, that the Bible is in fact an organic whole rather than a series of contrasting individual texts that have been gathered together over quite a long period of time. Yet on another note, the alone way for a Christian to understand many parts of the Bible is to refer to other parts of the Bible for understanding. This is the self-referentiality of the Bible that can be seen as a part of the hermeneutical circle.A aboriginal example is the nature of god which has concerned Christians for more then 1900 years. The various manners in which God reveals Himself within the Bible, particularly in reference to the contrast between the Old and New Testaments, might seem to be contradictory. The same God who asks for the first-born to be killed and demands that one of his faithful kill his have son to prove his faith is also the same God who reveals that love, mercy and forgiveness are the central aspects of his nature in the New Testament (Goldsworthy, 2007).It is the unopen circle of self-referentiality that is found within the Bible is the answer to that question. Various parts of the Bible, in revealing the nature of God, refer to one another. One cannot understand the God of the New Testament without reference to the Old Testament and visa-versa. One version of the circle of hermeneutics, as expressed by evangelical theology, suggests that it is not merely member studies that should be involved in interpretation but rather Word study (Goldsworthy, 2007). This is the Word of Jesus Christ which is regarded as being the central think and prism through which the rest of the Bible, and in fact entirely of reality can be discovered and understo od (Goldsworthy, 2007). The gospel of Jesus Christ is the central fulcrum around which the rest of the Bible revolves according to this kind of hermeneutics.Of course this essentially counters the non-hierarchical social organisation of self-referentiality that exists within the traditional hermeneutical circle. In traditional hermeneutics all parts interrelate to the whole and the whole relates to all the parts in equal measure. Within a Christian theology that includes hermeneutics the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the focusing structure that involves comprehension. Jesus communicates (Brown, 2007) with people through the closed circle of the Bible, and enables them to navigate through the often complex and seemingly contradictory passages that it offers. The hermeneutical circle may appear to be complex, but in fact it is quite simple when seen in terms of revelation. As Brown (2007) suggests, reading scripture is learning to discern a communicative act initiated by God. That comm unicative act needs to be understood within the context of all the other acts of communication that are contained within the Bible, but for the Christian at least, it is the word of Jesus Christ that offers a complete explanation for how that communication has occurred and what God is intending to mean.To conclude, the hermeneutical circle is one of the largest dilemmas within all philosophy in general and within theology in particular. The self-referentiali